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Yellow Emperor seizes the store

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The Yellow Emperor weapon series is summoned by the Lunar New Year. The fierce Chinese dragon, engraved into the side of the firearms, makes them the true guardians in battle!
The following line-up will be available in store till around 9:00 UTC (10:00 CET) on the 27th of January:
  • Direct Sale (Kredits) of "Yellow Emperor" versions with 30% discount: ACR, Fabarm STF 12 Compact, ACR CQB, AS50
  • Direct Sale (Сrowns) of "Yellow Emperor" versions: Cobray Striker, Daewoo K1, Desert Eagle. Ultramarine Knife
  • Direct Sale (Kredits) of "Syndicate" versions: Beretta ARX160, Fabarm XLR5 Prestige, Micro-Roni CAA, Remington MSR, H&K G28, CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot, SAI GRY AR-15, Saiga H.G.C. Custom, H&K MP5A5 Custom, AT308, M48 Bowie Knife
  • Kredit Random Boxes: AK-12, SV-98, Thompson M1928, Tavor TS12 Custom

Special Highlight: "Yellow Emperor" series

Cobray StrikerCobray Striker
Fabarm STF 12 CompactFabarm STF 12 Compact
Daewoo K1Daewoo K1
Desert EagleDesert Eagle

By the way, the achievements are just as marvellous as the guns themselves!

Unleash the power of dragons!

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