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Valentine's Day Event is live!

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There is only one day in the whole year when a real miracle happens — severe fighters become a bit tenderer. It's easy to guess what day it is. Join Valentine's Day celebration in Warface and get lots of lovely prizes!
UPD: the event will last till 11:00 UTC (12:00 CET) on the 4th of March!


In-game event

From now till 09:00 UTC (10:00 CET) on the 25th of February take part in the new event: kill enemies in PvE and PvP modes and receive excellent rewards including unique themed achievements, consumables (Resurrection Coins, VIP-Boosters, Claymores), and Battle Points for the Blackwood Battle Pass.


  • Only correctly finished matches (ended with a win or a failure) count for the task progress.
  • The tasks can be completed independently. During the event you can get prizes for the PvP as well as for the PvE part. If you manage to complete both task streaks, you will be able to grab rewards for the overall progress.
  • All the rewards except for Battle Points will be transferred to the Inventory on the “Services” page after one of the objectives is reached. In case of an increased server load, there may be a delay in item distribution.
  • You will find Battle Points gained on the Battle Pass page. Please note that if you do not have full access to the Battle Pass "Blackwood", the Battle Points earned will expire and you will not get them. 
Eliminate enemies in PvE missions (except “Training”), Special Operations and any Private Rooms and claim well-earned rewards!
Enemies killed Rewards
500 5 pcs. 1 d.
1500 10 pcs. 3 d.
3000 15 pcs. 5 d. 25 BP
4500 20 pcs. 7 d. 50 BP

By killing 3000 and 4500 enemies you can get unique marks "Lovey-Dovey" and "Love Is War".

Eliminate enemies in PvP “Quick Play” or Ranked Matches to earn useful items! Please, note that  the progress made in Clan Wars and Private Rooms does not count.

Enemies killed Rewards
250 5 pcs. 1 d.
500 10 pcs. 3 d.
1000 15 pcs. 5 d. 25 BP
1500 20 pcs. 7 d. 50 BP

In addition, eliminate 1000 and 1500 enemies to get guaranteed prises — badges "Heartbreaker" and "The Things We Do For Love".

Complete all the PvE and PvP tasks and get the full pack of the 6 themed distinctions by adding the one-off achievements “Love to Death” and "Cupid's Bullet". 


Q: Will my kill counter be reset upon completion of one task or do kills add up?
A: The progress is counted separately for each objective. Once the task is finished the counter gets reset and you have to start from scratch to reach the following objectives.

Q: Do the rewards I can get add up?
A: Yes, they do. For all completed tasks you can receive a VIP Booster for 32 days, 50 Resurrection Coins, 50 Claymores, 150 Battle Points and 6 achievements.

Q: If I get kicked from the match or a game client error occurs, will my progress count?
A: No, it won't.

Love is in the air, get a lungful of it, and fight for it if you have to!

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