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Top Gun Season 5 - now live!

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We are launching a new season of our Top Gun event - the one where you can get one or even two great permanent guns for free! 

The new event finish date is the 4th of April.


Please note

Because of the way the progress is counted in this event, changing your class may lead to the errors with processing the match results.
Due to that, we advise you to refrain from class changing  during the matches in which you attempt to complete your daily event mission.

Rules for Season 5


  • New permanent rewards: Desert Snake IMBEL IA2, Desert Snake Fabarm P.S.S.10, Desert Snake Tavor CTAR-21 and Desert Snake AX308;
  • The season lasts for 30 days (the event finishes on March, 28, 2020);
  • You can earn tokens by completing a PvP or a PvE task;
  • PvP task: 50 kills within a day in any PvP mode;
  • PvE task: 200 kills within a day in any Spec Op;
  • You can only complete 1 mission a day: a PvP OR a PvE one, not BOTH of them.

Token progress

  • You get 1 token for each completed task;
  • For each 5 completed tasks (not necessarily in a row) you get 3 extra tokens and a Mega VIP booster for 1 day;
  • You can get the maximum of 48 tokens in the course of an event (30 for daily tasks + 18 extra).


Each permanent weapon costs 20 tokens, so you can get the max of 2 permanent weapons from the list.

Desert Snake IMBEL IA2


Desert Snake Fabarm P.S.S.10


Desert Snake Tavor CTAR-21


Desert Snake AX308



Persistence pays off!


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