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Soon in game: new weapon series and camo

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Soon the game will offer lots of interesting new content. You have already learned about several new items from the dedicated articles on the website, and more materials are to come. Today we will tell you about the weapon series and camo that will certainly interest collectors and connoisseurs of flashy arms. Read on to learn the details!


Some battles are really tough to win. To get through them with flying colours you will need the skill, a reliable team and, of course, excellent guns. "Gorgon" is a new weapon series and camos that will appear in one of our future Battle Passes. The new weapons look amazing! Bright flames, frame parts as if oozing poison, green snakes and an image of a real Gorgon will remind your enemies of the well-known myths... and the long-forgotten fear...














Kills made with the weapon series "Gorgon" will reward you with unique distinctions.














This series has a minimalistic design featuring a combination of simple camouflage motifs and small bright elements. The guns seem to be covered with inconspicuous snake scales, which makes them a desirable acquisition for those collectors who prefer  simple elegance. All weapon specs are completely identical to those of the usual versions, so you will feel comfortable in any combat situation.

















By eliminating the opposition with the "Particle" weapon series, you can get a unique badge, mark and stripe. And if you want to acquire even more spoils of war, earn expert stripes for any model!


The looks of this series fill the soul with murderous cold and send shivers down the spine. The camos are designed in calm cold blue tones. The color pattern resembles horror films about mysterious amd horrible inhabitants of the deep sea, which are incredibly quick dealing with their prey when they feel the scent of blood. Let your "Jaws" guns become as deadly for your enemies!










"Undertaker" is a daring skin series for five cool arms. Gloomy symbols and chilling patterns are its distinctive features. These guns will surely fit a brutal fighter who is confident in his skill and superiority on the battlefield.






Please note that the skins are purely cosmetic and do not affect weapon specs. You need to have the original gun in your armory to apply a weapon camo.

Sow fear, reign supreme!

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