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F90 MBR with co. in store

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The following line-up will be available in store till around 9:00 UTC (10:00 CET) on the 13th of March:
  • Kredit Random Boxes: F90 MBR, Uzkon UNG-12, Kriss Super V Custom, Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm, Beretta ARX160, DP-12, PKP Pecheneg, H&K UMP, Mossberg 500 Custom, MK 14 EBR
  • Direct Sale of Golden versions via Kredits: HArms CQR, Winchester 1887


F90 MBR in Warface is an assault rifle delivering impressive damage and sporting superb effective range. Thanks to its well-balanced combat specs, the arm will become a universal tool for enemy annihilation almost at any distance. Only AK-12 is a worthy opponent to F90 MBR. The latter still provides better rate of fire and higher recoil that can be reduced by mounting a unique grip.

Prepare to gear up! The only good enemy is a dead enemy!


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