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Damage indicator: new mechanics

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After the March update one of the main game interface elements, damage indicator, has been changed. Watch the video below to learn more about the reasons why we decided to remaster it and about the new mechanics of displaying the damage dealt.


In Warface, just like in any FPS, shooting plays a fundamental role. The main indicator of shooting effectiveness is the so-called damage cross. The game has featured this interface element starting from the very launch of the project, and all the players are well familiar with it. At the same time, the old damage indicator's principles of work were not obvious and often confused users. Players’ understanding was that a small cross meant that they dealt little damage while a big cross meant great damage done to the target. However, that was not the case. So we decided to completely rework the mechanics.

Key issues with the old damage indicator:

  1. Each hit had its own damage indicator.
  2. The old indicator displayed only the damage done to the enemy's health and neglected the damage done to the armor.
  3. The size of the displayed "cross" directly depended on the damage dealt to the enemy's health. If we take into consideration that almost three quarters of damage are dealt to the armor if the opponent has armor, it becomes clear why damage indicators used to be different all the times.

Let's take shooting from an assault rifle as an example of the work of the old damage indicator. When you hit an enemy with full health, only a quarter of the damage cross was displayed because the other three quarters of the damage dealt by the bullet were absorbed by the opponent’s armor. The gunner saw a small damage cross and thought that, for some reason, the damage was not registered although in fact it was fully registered.

The damage indicator has been remastered and has become more understandable and logical:

  1. The size of the indicator now depends on the current state of the enemy in a gun battle. It no longer shows damage dealt by separate hits.
  2. The current damage cross displays two parameters, damage done to the heath and to the armor.
  3. The weaker the enemy is, the larger the indicator will become with every subsequent hit. The full damage indicator means the death of the enemy.
Thus, you will first see small damage crosses because you have just started to damage the opponent and he/she still has a lot of health, while just before he/she dies, the cross will become huge due to the critical state of the enemy.
Thus, the new system provides more understandable data about your shooting efficiency, the state of the enemy, and your chances of winning the battle.

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