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Expanded shop update

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The following  line-up will stay in store till around 9:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) on the 27th of April: 

  • Kredit Random Boxes: AM-17, Tavor TS12 Custom
  • Kredit Random Boxes with 10% discount: AX308, DP-12, Fostech Origin-12, LWRC SMG-45
  • Kredit Random Boxes with 15% discount: PKP Pecheneg, M16A3 Custom, DSA SA58 SPR, SIX12
  • Direct Sale of Golden versions: F90 MBR, Bushmaster BA50, PKP Pecheneg, M16A3 Custom

Special Highlight: AM-17

АМ-17 boasts excellent combat specs such as a high accuracy in the aiming mode, good range and hip accuracy. The gun’s mind-blowing damage will turn AM-17 into your rivals’ nightmare since even the most modern helmet will not save the enemy from sure death at close range! 


Become the Hero of Justice!


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