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Gangster Crate in MY.GAMES Market

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Crime Lords, kingpins and outlaws!

The Gangster crate is now available in MY.GAMES Market. Make your master plans reach new heights with this special supply.

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Gangster content

This crate may yield regular and golden versions of popular weapon models that will certainly be appreciated by such fine men of culture as yourselves - like Thompson M1928, Marlin 1894 Custom, S&W M&P R8 and Balisong Knife. Want to spice things up? We've got you covered. Literally - there are "Flor de Muerto" weapon skins inside as well. Are you into trying before buying? Good. Temporary weapons are in there too. Just like some cool achievements and Store gifts. You can see the full list of content on the offer page.

Note please: the Store gifts are not in-game items but rather cosmetic extras for your MY.GAMES Store profile. These collector items can be obtained only via the "Gangster Crate" - be sure to make your profile stand out!

Important: this offer is not available in France, Belgium and Holland.

Gangsta time is now!


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