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Soon in game: Blackwood Base

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A new map "Blackwood Base" will soon appear in the game. It will expand the list of available locations for the "Storm" mode. Go into battle to see and examine the nemesis’ refuge with your own eyes. Be extremely careful and stay on the alert!

About the Map

For several years running, our agents tried to find the location of the adversary corporation military base. Each clue was meticulously studied. However, all threads broke, informants disappeared without a trace, and we ended up with nothing at all.
During one of the recent reconnaissance missions, we managed to get on the right track. After a couple of months of close surveillance, the long-awaited information was gathered. Your squad will be deployed on the volcanic islands in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Explore the discovered facilities!
If you find any useful information - a draft of secret plans or blueprints of inventions - report to the headquarters immediately. The knowledge gained will help us in combat!


The base will greet you with a harsh coastal landscape, a stunning beauty of underground ice caves, lots of combat vehicles and plain military buildings, where it is easy to hide and remain inconspicuous. The base is reliably fortified and has three key points which you will have to storm.

The new map for the mode “Storm” is a real breakthrough! You are in for a different geographical location, excellent player "readability" on the ground, impressive detailed elaboration of objects and their customization depending on the side for which you fight. "Blackwood Base" has a unique charm and individuality that perfectly fit the classic gameplay of the mode. The mechanics of unlocking checkpoints remain unchanged: the next checkpoint opens after you capture the previous one. No doubt, the map will provide favourite gameplay experience for all kinds of players.  

Prepare to capture positions by studying the pictures of the grounds where the battle is to be fought. This will help you think through the tactics in advance, choose the most fitting class and pick up the right weapons.

Win, succeed and earn unique achievements. Only the best fighters will be able to proudly decorate their profiles with these memorable distinctions. Become one of them!

Time to break into the enemy's lair!

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