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Soon in game: Special Operation "Blackwood"

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The next Warface update will bring along a new Special Operation "Blackwood" that has already been mentioned in the development roadmap for 2020. The operation will feature one-off bosses, different completion order and unique environment!

Such a test requires thorough preparation. Examine the intel, recall all the events taking place in this chapter of the Warface story, complete combat missions with friends on a special promo page and get cool guns!

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The success of your squad "Wega-5" in the mission on Mars turned into a defeat - you were captured by Blackwood operatives right in the SED operator link units. Oberon White ran this operation personally. General Lee Wharton attempted to rescue you, and opened fire on Oberon's "Mantis" knowing that his people are aboard.
After long and painful tortures, your will was broken. A video demonstrating Agent Noda’s execution for disobedience by order of General Wharton became the final straw. Your world is falling apart. Who is the real villain? It seems that Warface and Blackwood are different sides of the same coin. Oberon offered you two options – to rot alive in dark cells or join the "Omega Black" squad. The choice is too obvious!
"The unit that was shot down during the Operation "Black Shark" survived. They were held captive by Blackwood for over a year. The soldiers were also the first men to live through the "Death Rooms". They formed another squad ... "Omega Black", Warface soldiers trained to hunt ... Warface soldiers. "

You join "Omega Black" and set off on your first operation under the command of Oberon White. The goal is to retake the research base captured by Warface forces and prevent Blackwood secret developments from falling into the opponents' hands.


Features of the Special Operation

The Special Operation "Blackwood" has plenty of unique features that will certainly interest all fans of the genre.

  • Plot. The further development of the story of "Wega-5" fighters, Agent Noda and Oberon White with unexpected plot twists.
  • New setting. You will find yourselves on a volcanic island in the northern Atlantic Ocean. It is a unique region that has never been seen in the game. The Blackwood military research complex consisting of three bases that you will have to capture is located here.
  • Large open area. You will decide where to go and how to explore the vast territory of the island.
  • Different completion order. The sequence of events of the Special Operation depends on the order of base activation. That’s why every mission you will take up will be different from the previous one!
  • Underground locations. You have to break into underground laboratories, each one designed in a unique style.
  • New enemies. Fighting on the side of Blackwood, you will clash with your recent comrades and face Warface military devices.
  • Unique bosses. Each boss has different combat mechanics and weak points. So, you will have to find a special approach to each of them. Depending on the completion order, the difficulty, tactics and weapons of bosses will change!
  • Role separation. While fighting against a boss, your team will have to split up to perform fundamentally different tasks that will affect the overall result.
  • Auxiliary means. Collect resources to purchase grenade launchers, laser shields, barricades, and a completely new portable turret. This equipment will greatly simplify enemy destruction.
  • Reward system. To get the maximum reward, you will need to complete the operation three times so that each time you kill a new boss last. The reward will be distributed after the end of the weekly cycle allotted for mission completion.








The Special Operation "Blackwood" is a blend of new mechanics and the most successful gameplay of the previous Special Operations. It will feature bosses with one-off features, a large open location to explore, role separation, teamwork, "meaty" gameplay, and much more.
Each base is a game cycle which can be roughly divided into two stages: the capture of a building and the terminal defense while fighting against a boss. In total, there are 3 cycles of this kind. After being deployed, you will choose the order in which to go through the bases and laboratories with bosses underneath. However, remember that each subsequent cycle will be harder than the previous one!
Special auxiliary equipment purchased with resources gained during the mission will play an important role in terminal defense. For example, a portable protective turret that can be placed at a favorable firing position will be quite handy.
The battle against bosses deserves special attention since each of them has unique features. Once you destroy one boss, the rest of them become more difficult to defeat. The difficulty determines the boss behavior and tactics you will have to adopt to annihilate it.We will tell you more about the bosses as well as their strengths and weaknesses in a separate publication.
The SpecOp "Blackwood" employs a cyclic reward system already familiar to you from "Hydra". A week is allotted for mission completion. During this time you can destroy bosses in different order. Once the cycle is over, you will automatically receive from one to three boxes with a reward. Therefore, each time you complete the operation you need to kill a new boss last.
By completing the Special Operation "Blackwood" you will be able to earn unique weapons of the "Blackwood" series. We will tell you more about the reward system and achievements in a separate publication.








Are you ready for tests and adventures ahead?


Start with a series of important special operations carried out by the Warface squad in various parts of the world. Complete combat tasks during special operations and PvP battles to earn rewards! Log in or sign up on a special promo page to get access to the tasks.

Recall it all!

For each completed task, participants will receive boxes with cards for crafting, and powerful guns of the “Obsidian” and “Onyx” series. These trusty weapons will undoubtedly come in handy while completing the following missions and Special Operations.












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