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Operation "Blackwood": rewards and achievements

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We have already announced the release of a new Special Operation “Blackwood”, and today we are ready to tell you about unique rewards and achievements that you can get by completing it. The novelties are worth the effort!

Rewards for Mission Completion

About mission completion

The new Special Operation will have a cyclical reward system based on the cut-off principle and similar to the one employed in the previous operation. In “Hydra” rewards are distributed depending on the number of enemy waves you manage to endure, while in “Blackwood” you will have to defeat various bosses in a different order. In total, for the whole cycle, you can get up to three boxes with a reward.
Each box contains cards for crafting primary weapons of a special themed “Blackwood” series: F90 MBR, Tavor TS12 Custom, ACR CQB Custom, H&K G28 and M134-GAU19b Hybrid. These are powerful primaries for all in-game classes, which will undoubtedly become a useful and pleasant acquisition for any fighter’s arsenal.






Upon opening the box, you will receive from 50 to 1000 cards for crafting any of the five guns, as well as an XP Booster, a WF$ Booster or a VP Booster. If you are very lucky and get 1000 cards, you can immediately exchange them for the desired arm since that is exactly the amount required to craft each item.






By killing 10,000 opponents with the guns of the “Blackwood” series, you will be able to unlock a new achievement - the stripe "Dark Choices".

How can I get the coveted boxes?

Here is a bit of theory: there are three sectors in the Special Operation, each of them has its own unique boss - Quant, Argus or Hadron. The system allows you to choose how you want to complete the operation. First, you can clear the Argus sector, then go to Quant and finally visit Hadron; or you can completely change the order and complete the mission in a different way. It is important to remember that each consecutive sector becomes more difficult, meaning that the third (final) stage and its boss will be always harder than the previous ones.
Now let's move on to practice: to get the maximum reward from 3 “Blackwood” boxes, you will need to finish the mission with three different endings. It means that you will have to defeat all the bosses (Quant, Argus and Hadron) at the final stage. At the same time, the order of the sectors cleared before the final battle will not affect the operation outcome.
If you finish the Special Operation with one or two different endings, you will receive one or two boxes with a reward accordingly. Let’s consider the third possibility. For example, if you complete the mission three times, but you defeat Quant as the last boss twice and Argus - once, you will get two boxes because you have unlocked only two endings.

Thus, you can choose how many rewards you want to receive and try different story options in the new Special Operation. It is a good idea to get prepared for the upcoming mission and study the information about each boss that will soon appear in a separate article. This knowledge will come in handy to develop the right tactics and equip your soldier with the right weapons and gear.


Profile decoration with the spoils of war is always the best part. The new Special Operation is rich in unique achievements. Collect them all to prove your skills. Ave, Blackwood!

The Renegade
Eliminate 1,000 enemies in the "Blackwood" operation.
Black Gold
Eliminate 5,000 enemies in the "Blackwood" operation using golden weapons.
Dark Medicine
Restore 5,000 health to your teammates in the "Blackwood" operation.
Dark Knight
Restore 5,000 armor to your teammates in the "Blackwood" operation.
Air Defence Unit
Destroy 15 helicopters in the "Blackwood" operation.
Anti-Tank Defence Unit
Destroy 10 armored vehicles in the "Blackwood" operation.
Dark Future
Eliminate 1,000 enemies in the "Blackwood" operation using Blaster weapons.
Quantative Analysis
End the "Blackwood" operation by making the final blow to the Quant.
Big Daddy
End the "Blackwood" operation by making the final blow to the Hadron 2.0
Hell Laser
End the Blackwood operation by making the final blow to the L-CDM "Argus".
Dark Conqueror
Get the rewards from all the bosses in the "Blackwood" operation.
To Hell and Back
Complete the "Blackwood" operation 15 times.
Shadow Possession
Eliminate 1,000 enemies in the "Blackwood" operation using silenced weapons.
Alpha and Omega
Complete the "Blackwood" operation without being killed.
Omega Force
Complete the "Blackwood" operation as a Rifleman.
Omega Support
Complete the "Blackwood" operation as a Medic.
Omega Armor
Complete the "Blackwood" operation as an Engineer.
Omega Cover
Complete the "Blackwood" operation as a Sniper.
Omega Defence
Complete the "Blackwood" operation as a SED.
Omega Black
Complete the "Blackwood" operation by all five classes.
Hail Blackwood!
Collect all the achievements in the "Blackwood" operation.

Would you like to learn more about the new Special Operation? You can find more information in a separate article. Don’t miss publications on the website. The most interesting part is still to come!

Learn more about the Special Operation

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