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Warface FAQ #5

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Here is another article with the answers to the most burning topics on our Social Media platforms. Here are the FAQs that might help you find info regarding the previously asked questions:

Q.: There is a bug with Blackwood weapons. After receiving a temporary version of it, it’s displayed as “Crafted” in the crafted section.

A.: The developers are aware of the issue and  are working on a solution. As for now, you can “fix” it by deleting the item from your Inventory after it expires.

Q.: Make new weapons for WF dollars.

A.: Thanks for the suggestion, it has been forwarded. Unfortunately, we don’t know if the developers have any plans for a new WF$ weapon.

Q.: If every armor set has its own bonuses like Armageddon, Syndicate,Blackwood and all others, why there are no bonuses for “Atlas” set?

A.: The bonus system was introduced after the “Atlas of War” Global Operation, that’s why some older sets don’t have them.

Q.: Make a Vote system for the shop, so players can choose what gun they want to come in the next shop updates.

A.: Thanks for the suggestion. However, we are not going to introduce such system as there are some “unpopular” items that some players still want to buy. If they are going to be excluded from the rotation by voting, these players won’t have a chance to get them. 

Q.: (post from game site 30.03.2020) After the next game update the meta-achievements "King of PvP", "King of PvE" and Emperor "Warface" will become available.  Some info about this? Delayed?

A.: After being released on RU server - they kind of broke it. Currently they are disabled until the developers fix them.

Q.: Make a new DevLounge video about current and upcoming new game features, like an adjustable zoom magnification on a scope.

A.:  Thanks for the idea. We plan to bring back the DevLounge videos as soon as we can and we’ll take these topics into consideration.

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