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Minor game update

Categories: Patch Notes


A minor update has been installed on Warface servers. It contains technical changes to the current version of the game as well as fixes for a number of bugs.


Some time ago, we started receiving messages from you about the periodic delays during firing. To analyze the situation in one of the previous versions of the game, tools for global monitoring and the collection of general statistics were added. The information received did not contain data that would indicate a problem.
In this version, tools for collecting individual statistics have been added to the tools previously introduced, which will provide even more information for us. In addition, we plan to begin a targeted collection of feedback on the problem.
The tickrate was temporarily lowered t0 30 hz

Learn more about the changes in the TickRate here.

Fixed bugs


  • Fixed a bug due to which in some cases the sounds and animations of the bomb installation / defusion process were not played.
  • Fixed a bug due to which in some cases a player could get an unintended game advantage when using the climb mechanic.
  • Fixed a bug due to which glass objects in the environment of the game maps could be displayed through the smoke screen.
  • Fixed several bugs leading the game client to crash.


  • Special Operation Blackwood:

- Fixed a bug due to which the icons of grenade launchers during the battle with the boss were displayed even in cases when the containers with them were inaccessible to players;

- Fixed a bug due to which the destruction of Argus was not displayed in the battle log;

- Fixed a bug due to which the achievement "Big Daddy" could be obtained by the player who shot the model of the already destroyed Drone.

Best of luck in combat!

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