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Gifts for topping up: "Phobos" series

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Would you like to receive awesome gifts just for topping up your accounts with Kredits? Then you will definitely like our new offer! With it you can get the weapons of the "Phobos" series.

Top up your accounts till 22:59 CEST (20:59 UTC) on the 10th of July using a special page and receive amazing "Phobos" weapons. Let fear overtake your enemies! Your gifts will be added to the "My Items" page. Please note that it make take several hours for your progress to be processed.

Top Up

Maxim 9 "Phobos" for 7 days

Balisong Knife "Phobos" for 7 days
AK Alpha "Phobos" for 7 days

Typhoon F12 "Phobos" for 7 days
Kriss Super V Custom "Phobos" for 7 days

CDX-MC Kraken "Phobos" for 7 days

Conditions of the offer
  • By topping up with the specified amounts, you will receive Kredits + 6 temporary weapons.
  • The bonus items will be added to the "My Items" page.
  • The offer is available only once for each of the specified Kredit packs.


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