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July Update - already in game!

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The new update has already landed on Warface servers. You are in for the "Dark Samurai" Battle Pass, new guns, a system for player identification in a stack, and much more! Hurry up to check out the novelties.


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"Dark Samurai" Content

Take on the role of an elite Japanese warrior in the upcoming Battle Pass "Dark Samurai"! By participating in it, you can collect an impressive collection of guns, camos, unique skins and achievements. The daily task variation, expanded statistics, updated interface and much more are waiting for you!


Gilboa Snake DBR

We are glad to present you a new Engineer primary, an Israeli automatic carbine Gilboa Snake DBR. Since it employs duplicating automation nodes, this compact gun sports unsurpassed fire power while its twin barrels provide high rate of fire, and the double magazine allows to fire more shots before having to reload the arm. In game, the Gilboa Snake DBR is similar to the Magpul FMG-9. However, the former compares favorably with its counterpart thanks to a higher damage, increased accuracy and a more spacious magazine. Details.


"Samurai" Skins

Strange-looking and richly decorated armour is one of the most recognisable samurai attributes. Its traditional features have been translated into the style of the new camo set "Samurai". Unique class-specific traditional mengu masks deserve a special mentioning. Unlike the armor of European knights, samurai equipment is designed to provide maximum mobility in combat, that's why the "Samurai" skins increase the sprint distance by 50%. Details.

The "Samurai" skins will be available as rewards of the "Dark Samurai" Battle Pass.


"Golden Dragon" Series

The "Golden Dragon" guns and gear bear the seal of an ancient mythical creature, the very embodiment of unlimited power. Naturally, the weapon line up includes the most potent arms capable of tilting the balance of a desperate fight in your favour. Designed in the same style, the "Golden Dragon" series and the "Samurai" skins will make a perfect combination! Details.

Howa Type 89 Custom


Chiappa Triple Threat

Kel-Tec KS7

Gilboa Snake DBR



Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm


M134-GAU19b Hybrid

Kel-Tec SUB2000

S&W M&P R8

Gerber Tomahawk

Balisong Knife

By eliminating opponents with "Golden Dragon" weapons, you will be able to earn expert stripes!















"Golden Dragon" series will be available as rewards of the "Dark Samurai" Battle Pass.


"Sakura" Series

The arms of the "Sakura" series depict blossoms of one of the main symbols of Japan, which represents the transience of life - it would suit your enemies well, eh? The "Sakura" camos, in their turn, will become a perfect decoration for both the actual guns and classic weapon models which are usually found in the armory of the majority of Warface players. Details.




Marlin 1894 Custom

Fostech Origin-12

Benelli M4 Super 90

Thompson M1928

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1

Kriss Super V

Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm

McMillan CS5


Colt Python Elite

Glock 18C


Sapper shovel

By eliminating opponents with the "Sakura" weapon series, you will be able to unlock an exclusive badge, stripe and mark. If you want even more spoils of war, earn expert stripes for any model!

"Sakura" series will be available as rewards of the "Dark Samurai" Battle Pass.


"Dark Samurai" Achievements

Unique achievements of the new Battle Pass include 8 marks, 6 badges and 3 stripes bearing bright references to Japanese culture and samurai.


Other Novelties

Chiappa Triple Threat

The Chiappa Triple Threat is a new semi-automatic Medic weapon that offers high damage, excellent rate of fire, good hip fire accuracy and decent effective range. Moreover, the gun deals equal damage to the body and to the extremeties. However, since it is a break-action shotgun (like the familiar double-barreled gun), you can fire it only three times before having to reload it. 
In terms of gameplay, the Chiappa Triple Threat resembles the so much favoured Christmas Gingerbread Gun; however, the possibility to perform the third shot makes the new arm more versatile and deadly. Details.

Proud owners of the golden version of the Chiappa Triple Threat can receive a one-off stripe by eliminating 999 enemies.


"Apache" Series

The weapons of this series depict a warrior of the famous North American Apache tribe in war paint and wearing a recognizable headdress made of eagle feathers. The strong-willed Apaches are known for their excellent fighting skills. The arms included in the series will certainly appeal to everyone who is not new to the ways of war.


Tavor TS12 Custom

ACR CQB Custom

H&K G28

M134-GAU19b Hybrid

By killing 10,000 enemies with the Apache gun series, you will be able to unlock a themed stripe.


Technical Changes

Additional changes to the movement system are still in development, but as part of this update, we are applying server settings in the game, which are already working and include the "60 Hz" mode and increased data throughput capacity within the server.


Other Changes


  • Added identification of players who found a match together and entered it as a battle group ("stack"). Color indicators are displayed next to nicknames in rooms, as well as on loading screens, in-game and after-match statistics screens.
    Please note: if you are invited/join an already found room, or when you re-enter the match, the stack indicator will not be displayed since the main principle (joint search for a match) is not observed.
  • Added support for a new voice service. At this stage, only the verified voice chat from Vivox will be available in 100% of game sessions. The new service will be activated in the future.
  • Added 3 marks and 3 badges for victories and the first place on the map "TDM Phantom Zone". 
Weapons and gear:
  • M4 Custom:
    • softer and more comfortable recoil;
    • reduced maximum spread;
    • reworked muzzle flash (to improve visibility while firing).
  • A number of attachments for some weapon series now feature a dark color.
  • Exosuit "AOS M2", Arctic Squad, Aurora Squad: added a 40% bonus to the sprint distance.
  • Ghost Squad, Nanosuit, Female-Nanosuit: added a 50% bonus to the sprint distance.
  • Reworked the model of the standard SMG sight and the SMG Grip Pod, as well as that of their skinned versions. The icons of these attachments in the weapon modification window have been changed. 
  • Added a class badge for completing the "Zenith" mission playing SED.
  • Added achievements of the new global operaion "Dark Samurai".


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug due to which temporary versions of craftable weapons in the Inventory affected progress in the crafting system.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, the shot sound in the spectator mode could be played incorrectly and at maximum volume if shooting during the game was on pause.
  • Fixed an error due to which the player model was twitching when overcoming an obstacle (for example, a low fence).
  • Fixed an error due to which the character model could not be displayed in the Inventory if the player interrupted training in the Safe House.
  • Fixed some causes of game client crashes.
  • Fixed an error due to which the player could not equip crafted weapons through the item creation window if the character was armed with a temporary version of the gun.
  • Safe House: fixed an error which caused an incorrect visual effect when a soccer ball collided with obstacles.
  • Fixed some localization errors.

Weapons and gear

  • Kel-Tec KS7: fixed an error due to which sights were positioned incorrectly on the weapon in the third person view.
  • Fixed an error due to which the icon of the EOTECH 553 collimator in the "Great Gatsby" camo was not displayed in the weapon modification window.
  • Golden Sten MkIIS: fixed a bug due to which the weapon was not considered golden by the game.
  • Palace: fixed a bug due to which the player could not throw a grenade from the window at a certain angle at the point "Ruined Top".
  • "Blackwood Base":
    • fixed an error due to which the ice ceiling was incorrectly displayed in a certain place near the second capture point;
    • fixed an error due to which, in some cases, the boxes between the Blackwood team spawn and the first capture point were displayed incorrectly;
    • fixed a bug due to which game service messages were displayed at the beginning of the battle;
    • fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, players of the defending team could be blocked by the environment at the spawn point after the attackers captured the first point
  • Bridges: fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to shoot through a thin wooden column at the "Yard" point.
  • Hawkrock: fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to shoot through the blinds in the window opening at the "Upstairs" point.
  • Halloween Wars: fixed a bug due to which cyborg models were displayed incorrectly in different points on the map.
  • Sanctuary: fixed a bug due to which reflections on the water surface in the channel did not match the environment.
  • "Mars", Act 2: fixed an error which caused an incorrect display of SED models in the room with operator seats.
  • "Operation Blackwood":
    • fixed an error which caused an incorrect display of smoke from the Warface helicopter missiles;
    • fixed an error due to which the player could become invulnerable if he or she finished the Quant before its teleportation;
    • fixed a bug due to which, in case a friendly turret was destroyed, players got back the resources spent on its installation.
  • "Sunrise", Act 2: fixed an error due to which the character model wearing a portable shield could stretch unnaturally if the character was sitting under an object of the environment.


Known Bugs

  • The after-match statistics screen is displayed incorrectly if the player ends the match in the spectator mode.
  • The SMG Grip Pod and the EOTECH 553 collimator have incorrect icons in the weapon modification window.
  • Gilboa Snake DBR: the reload animation is different in the first person and the third person views.
  • Chiappa Triple Threat: the position of the Iron Sight does not match the actual impact point.
  • The player stack indicator is not displayed in PvE or Special Operation rooms.

Good luck in combat!

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