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"Dark Samurai" Battle Pass is live!

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"Dark Samurai" Battle Pass has already started. You already can start completing tasks and claiming your first unique rewards — cool weapons and special skins. Don't hesitate to participate, since there is a free trial as well!

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Main features of the Battle Pass:

  • Two types of currency, which can be obtained by completing tasks and playing in matches.
  • You can buy special crates and choose the rewards by yourself.
  • Daily task rotation. Now you won't have to do the same tasks day after day: the mission list will change cyclically once a day on certain days.
  • Several weapon and camo series, new Engineer gun, unique skins and a heap of achievements!
  • Expanded statistics. Get detailed information about your personal combat effectiveness!

There will be two types of currency in the Battle Pass, just like during the "Gorgon" — base and premuim currency. We have introduced some changes to the way you can obtain it.

  • Base currency can not by obtained by completing daily tasks anymore. Now you can get it by fighting in different game modes — at least 10 points for each battle, meeting the following conditions:
    Conditions for obtaining basic currency
    Game mode Currency
    PvE "Training" No.
    PvE difficulty "Normal" or higher No.
    All special operations  For victories only.
    Custom rooms (PvP) No.
    Ranked matches Yes, in case your time in battles exceeds or equals 3 minutes and the amount of kills is equal to or exceeds 2 enemies. 
    PvP  "Quick play" in game modes like "Storm", "Team Deathmatch", "Destruction" and "Domination" Yes, in case of killing at least 5 enemies or more .
    PvP "Quick play" in game modes like "Plant the bomb", "Capture" and "Blitz" Yes, in case your time in battles exceeds or equals 3 minutes and amount of kills is equal to or exceeds 2 enemies. 
    Game modes "Free for all", "Bag and Tag" Yes, in case of killing at least 10 enemies or more.
  • Completing daily tasks will bring you crafting cards and equipment instead of base currency.
  • By completing "Challenge of the day" task you will get more base currency.
  • Amount of premium currency for fighting in matches is fixed — 1 point for each battle.

Therefore, you can get base currency by playing in matches and for "Challenge of the day", and as for premium currency — it can be obtained by completing "Challenge of the day" or can be simply purchased.

In "Dark Samurai" you can get rewards just by playing the game. If you want to craft unique Gilboa Snake DBR, you just need to complete daily tasks and buy special crates for base currency, which can be obtained by fighting in different game modes! 



The new Battle Pass sports one-off  "Sakura" and "Golden Dragon" weapon series, a set of themed "Samurai" skins increasing the sprint distance, and a unique Engineer primary Gilboa Snake DBR, which is included in the crafting system.

"Golden Dragon" series

Strange-looking and richly decorated armour is one of the most recognisable samurai attributes. Its traditional features have been translated into the style of the new camo set "Samurai". Unique class-specific traditional mengu masks deserve a special mentioning.

Unlike the armor of European knights, samurai equipment is designed to provide maximum mobility in combat, that's why the "Samurai" skins increase the sprint distance by 50%.

The "Golden Dragon" guns bear the seal of an ancient mythical creature, the very embodiment of unlimited power. Naturally, the weapon line up includes the most potent arms capable of tilting the balance of a desperate fight in your favour; they will appear in the game after the next update. Designed in the same style, the "Golden Dragon" series and the "Samurai" skins will make a perfect combination!

Howa Type 89 Custom


Chiappa Triple Threat

Kel-Tec KS7

Gilboa Snake DBR



Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm


M134-GAU19b Hybrid

Kel-Tec SUB2000

S&W M&P R8

Gerber Tomahawk

Balisong Knife

"Sakura" series

The arms of the "Sakura" series depict blossoms of one of the main symbols of Japan, which represents the transience of life - it would suit your enemies well, eh? The "Sakura" camos, in their turn, will become a perfect decoration for both the actual guns and classic weapon models which are usually found in the armory of the majority of Warface players.




Marlin 1894 Custom

Fostech Origin-12

Benelli M4 Super 90

Thompson M1928

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1

Kriss Super V

Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm

McMillan CS5


Colt Python Elite

Glock 18C


Sapper shovel

Gilboa Snake DBR

The Gilboa Snake DBR is an Israeli automatic carbine developed on the basis of the AR-15 platform. Since it employs an additional barrel and duplicating automation nodes, this compact arm sports unsurpassed fire power. In game, the new Engineer weapon has an insanely high rate of fire and low recoil similar to that of the Magpul FMG-9. However, the Gilboa Snake DBR compares favorably with its counterpart thanks to a higher damage, increased accuracy and a more spacious magazine.

Unique achievements of the new Battle Pass include 8 marks, 6 badges and 3 stripes bearing bright references to the Japanese culture and samurai.

Battle Pass Access

You can start playing right now, and the trial version is completely free! The full Battle Pass access requires purchasing. The trial version doesn't have any restrictions in regards to completing tasks or accumulating currency. You can check the benefits of every access version in the table below: 

  Trial version Full version
Completion of both types of tasks + +
Currency gain in combat + +
Opening of the crate "For wins" + +
Opening of other Battle Pass crates - +
Purchase of the rare Battle Pass currency - +

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Important Information
  • Please note that you cannot transfer the acquired access between accounts.
  • All pre-order bonuses will be distributed soon after the start of the event.
  • The purchase can be carried out only with a new transaction.

Rise and move on!

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