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Apache Crafting Cards for Purchases in Store

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Would you like to quickly assemble the full set of awesome Apache weapons which became available in the crafting system after the recent update? Here is a great opportunity to speed up the progress. Just make purchases with Kredits in the game shop and get cashback in "Apache" crafting cards.

Acquire any items via Kredits in the game store and get APACHE cards!

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The offer consists of five stages and will last till 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on the 14th of August. Read on to learn more about the offer schedule and its rewards.

  Stage Duration Reward
1st stage 11:00 UTC, 5 of August – 08:59 UTC, 7 of August
H&K G28 "Apache" Cards
2nd stage 09:00 UTC, 7 of August – 08:59 UTC, 9 of August
Tavor TS12 Custom "Apache" Cards
3rd stage 09:00 UTC, 9 of August – 08:59 UTC, 11 of August 
F90 MBR "Apache" Cards
4th stage 09:00 UTC, 11 of August – 08:59 UTC, 13 of August
ACR CQB Custom "Apache" Cards
5th stage 09:00 UTC, 13 of August – 20:59 UTC, 14 of August
M134-GAU19b Hybrid "Apache" Cards


  • Buy items with Kredits in the store.
  • For every 2 Kredits spent you will receive 1 card. 
  • In the framework of the current offer the cashback is capped at 250 cards per stage.
  • You can double the cashback. How? It's easy - just follow the instruction below.
    How can I double my cashback?
    1. Top up your account with a fixed amount of 300 Kredits at a special page. The currency will be immediately transferred to your account. The doubling will be activated for the offer stage at which the payment was carried out.
    2. If you want to double the cashback at several or at all offer stages at once, you will need to deposit 300 Kredits at the indicated intervals.
    3. Note: after the payment the card counter will not change. However, once the offer is over, you will receive rewards in the amount corresponding to the funds spent and doublings activated.
    For example: you plan to get the double of cards in the 3rd and the 5th stages. To do this, you need top up your account twice: the first time from 09:00 UTC on the 9th of August to 08:59 UTC on the 11th of August, and the second time from 09:00 UTC on the 13th of August to 20:59 UTC on the 14th of August. In each case, the top-up must be a fixed amount of 300 Kredits. Thus, you will make two payments and get doubling at two stages.
  • You will find cards in "My Items" within two business days after the end of the offer.

If I purchase the same item for Kredits in the game store, will the spent funds count for the offer?
Yes, they will.

I have spent 600 Kredits, but at the special page it says that I will get only 250 cards back. Why?
In the framework of the current offer the cashback is capped at 250 cards per each stage if you do not activate doubling.

Why doesn't the data on the special page correspond to reality?

It probably has not been updated yet. Don't worry, we will double check the data at the end of the offer.

Are any purchases in the game store taken into account?
Yes, if they are made with Kredits.


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