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One million Kredits and plentiful shop update

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It’s an entire million of Kredits for the taking, and you’ve got to get your share! Better hurry up, the Kredits are running out!

Let’s break it down quickly: everyone that buys Kredits will receive an entire 30% extra to their Kredit purchase. For example, if you buy 1000 Kredits, you will receive not just a thousand, but 1300. At the same time, the counter’s going to go 300 Kredits down. Once the respective countdown banner is gone, so is the deal. 


Shop Update

Make the best use of the Kredits you purchase with the plentiful shop update! Want to opt for Warface Dollars instead of Kredits? We have great offers for you as well!

The following line-up will be available in store till around 9:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) on the 24th of June:
  • Kredit Random Boxes: H&K 121, AK Alpha, Kriss Super V Custom, Typhoon F12, CDX-MC Kraken
  • Direct Sale of Golden versions via Kredits: ​Tavor TS12 Custom, Bushmaster BA50
  • Direct Sale via Warface Dollars: ​Jackhammer, AUG A3, H&K MG4, Skorpion vz. 83

Special Highlight

The brand new H&K 121 has just expanded the Rifleman machine gun lineup. Its toughest competitor is the Stoner LMG A1 to which the new weapon compares favourably thanks to an increased rate of fire, better accuracy, a larger magazine, and a higher damage multiplier in the arms. The H&K 121 is a multipurpose weapon that will interest both PvP fans and PvE players.

Embrace your new power!

Note: The Million Kredits offer is only available until there are Kredits left in the counter. When there are no remaining Kredits displayed, no extra Kredits are added, since the offer is over. Stay vigilant!

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