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Mini-game "Samurai 2D"

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Have you missed our 2D mini-games? Want to get even more amazing gifts by just playing your favourite title? Here is a new themed challenge "Samurai 2D". Explore the pixel map, watch out for enemies and grab treasures: you will receive valuable rewards including guns of three weapon series, skins, boosters and elite equipment.

The end date of the event will be announced later

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Now it's time to take the path of the warrior on the pixel battlefield! We have prepared a cool mini-game with awesome gifts. You will need energy to go from start to finish and receive a reward. Just play Warface, complete simple tasks, replenish your supplies to get closer to the prize. Traditionally, there are two types of tasks: win or eliminate opponents in Quick Play, Special Operations or Ranked Matches. By the way, if you destroy the required number of enemies and win the combat, you will get 2 energy points at once. Learn details on the event page. Good luck, fighters! 

Task Details


Complete simple tasks in the game and get 1 energy point for each task.


1. Win a Ranked Match, win in any coop mode in Quick Play, or successfully complete any Special Operation.

2. Destroy enemies within a single battle in Quick Play or Ranked Matches:

  • Team Deathmatch, Destruction, Domination, Free for All, Bag and Tag — 10 enemies;
  • Plant the Bomb, Capture, Blitz — 5 enemies;
  • Storm — 30 enemies.

3. Destroy enemies within a single completion of Special Operations:

  • "Easy" and "Normal" Special Operations — 150 enemies; 
  • "Hard" Special Operations, Hydra or Blackwood — 100 enemies.


In tasks 2 and 3, both victory and defeat count for the event progress. Any matches finished early will not count. 

You can do tasks simultaneously (win and destroy enemies) within the same combat in Warface. Thus, one match can yield you 2 energy points in total.

It takes the progress of the played matches from 5 to 30 minutes to get processed.


Your efforts will be richly rewarded - you can get a true samurai melee arm "Katana", weapons and camos of the "Yakuza", "Yellow Emperor", and "Scarlet Dragon" series, as well as boosters and elite equipment. All the prizes can be temporary as well as permanent!

Rise and move on, because new challenges will come.

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