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Lucky roll: try your luck!

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Do you love cool weapons, collecting cards and are ready to try your luck? Let's mix it up! Go to a special page, accumulate the attempts and participate in a new offer. The lucky ones will be truly blessed - powerful permanent golden weapons are at stake, as well as heaps of other pleasant rewards.


This offer will last from 10:00 UTC (12:00 CEST) on August 25 to 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on August 27 on a special page. Open the playing field, make a throw - and take the reward! And if you want to increase your chances and concentrate only on valuable items, eliminate unappealing options with the help of special points.

Try your luck!

Description of key offer mechanics

"Lucky Roll" attempts

This is the main currency that is needed to rotate the polyhedron. With its help, you participate and win prizes.
  • The cost of an attempt is 60 Kredits. After confirming the purchase, funds are debited from your in-game account.
    Not enough funds error
    If you have the required number of Kredits on your account, but at the time of purchase you see a notification "Your account has insufficient funds", follow the instructions:

    1. Open an in-game store.
    2. Purchase any item with Warface Dollars or Crowns.
    3. Wait a couple of minutes for the information on the account status to be updated on the website, and try again to pay for the purchase in this offer.
  • You can make throws until the available attempts are exhausted.

Exclusion Points

Additional currency, which is required to exclude uninteresting lots from the drawing. Allows you to increase the chances, leaving only what you really need in the prize pool.

  • You will be able to earn Exclusion Points by funding your account during the offer. Reaching certain thresholds, you will receive 1 exclusion point, but not more than 4 during the promotion. More details - under the spoiler below.
    Points Accumulation Information
    Top-up Exclusion Points
    100–249 Kredits You will be provided with one point of exclusion. Total: 1.
    250–499  Kredits You will earn one more exclusion point. Total: 2.
    500–999  Kredits You will earn one more exclusion point. Total: 3.
    1000  Kredits and more You will earn one more exclusion point. Total: 4.

    For example: if you deposit 600 Kredits, you will immediately receive 3 exclusion points. And if you make an additional payment of 400 Kredits and reach the total top-up amount of 1000 Kredits - one more point. In total, your account will have 4 points.

  • Up to 4 lots can be excluded at the same time. If the exclusion limit has already been reached, the option will not be available.
  • After clicking the "Exclude Lot" button, the items will leave the drawing, and the spent exclusion points will be temporarily deducted from your account. The excluded items will not appear in the prize list until you return them back to the prize pool.
  • You can return the lot to the drawing before the throw. Along with the items returned to the drawing, the previously spent exclusion points will be returned to your account.

Prize pool

Consists of permanent golden and regular weapons, crafting cards, Random boxes, and also includes temporary versions of powerful guns. A complete list can be found on the offer page.

  • With one throw, you can win one position from the prize pool.
  • If you have 5 or more attempts, you can make five throws at once and get five items from the prize pool.
  • The prize received in the drawing is not excluded from the prize pool and may drop out again when using the following attempts.
  • Prizes will be sent to your inventory on the Services page. In addition, participants of the offer will be able to sell the received permanent items on the Marketplace.

May luck be on your side!

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