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Soon in game: Pirates' Day Content and Charms

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Ahoy, maties!

The tide is bringing us closer to one of the new and rather unusual holidays - the Pirates' Day. It is celebrated on September 19 and, according to the original idea, on this day you need to behave like a true pirate. And a good pirate knows worthy booty when he sees one. As a well-known pirate used to say, not all treasure is silver and gold. Read on to learn more about flashy themed content that will appear in the game with the next update.

Weapon Charms

We are happy to present you a long-awaited novelty! Charms are special weapon accessories whose unique animation and looks will add charm (yes, the pun was intended) and personality to any gun. Charms have been known since ancient times and were originally designed to emphasize their owner's status. All kinds of jewelry, trophies, family or order coats of arms as well as precious stones were hung on the chain. At the beginning of the 20th century, charms lost their original role, but nowadays they become an important part of the image again.

The charm system in Warface will open up a new facet of customization: together with camouflages, they will make the weapon customization look even more flexible. They will also expand the possibilities of introducing new content into the game to mark various holidays, events and other activities.

The next update will feature 5 types of themed charms to mark the Pirates' Day. Each accessory is set in a unique style, so it will not be difficult for you to choose a charm to your liking.

Golden Doubloon

Jolly Roger

Treasure Map

Dead Man's Chest

Captain Hook

At first, it will be possible to decorate weapon models listed below. However, as new sets appear, the list will be expanded with guns. Moreover, each new charm set can be used with the arms from the previous list.


  • АK-12;
  • SAI GRY AR-15;
  • F90 MBR;
  • CZ 805 BREN A2.


  • Kel-Tec KS7;
  • SAP6;
  • Uzkon UNG-12;
  • Fabarm XLR5 Prestige;
  • Marlin 1894 Custom.


  • АМ-17;
  • Uzi Pro;
  • Kriss Super V Custom;
  • LWRC SMG-45.


  • SV-98;
  • Orsis T-5000;
  • Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm;
  • CDX-MC Kraken.
How do charms work?
  • One charm can be installed only on one weapon. If you want to decorate several guns with the accessory, you will need several charms.
  • Just like skins, charms can be activated from a special menu section in the Inventory. Click on the icon of the desired charm to place it on the weapon. A special indicator will be displayed on the charm icon if it is already equipped on another gun; however, within one class, you will be able to quickly place charms without removing them first.
  • Each gun can be decorated only with one charm.

We will tell you about the release of charms and the ways of obtaining them in a separate article.

"Pirate" weapon series

The "Pirate" weapon series is another themed novelty. It is believed that sea robbers feared no one and nothing. But like all sailors, pirates believed that a monster was hiding in the unexplored deep sea, the Kraken, a hideous creatures terrorizing ships, bringing death and devastation. This ocean-dwelling nightmare adorns the guns of the new series. The kraken has a human skull in a pirate cocked hat instead of a head, and behind it a submerged ship is displayed.

The "Pirate" series includes mainly weapons from the crafting system expanded with a grenade launcher for the SED, secondary weapons and melee arms. Apart from the guns, there are themed camos awaiting you.

Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle

Typhoon F12 Custom

Cobalt Kinetics Stealth Pistol

Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven

CZ 805 G1

Glock 18C


By eliminating those who do not comply with the Pirate Code with "Pirate" weapons, you can get expert stripes!

Themed achievements

Themed achievements will be a cherry on the top of the big rum cake. They will complete the look of a true pirate! The symbol on the "Pirate Banner" mark is well familiar, while the "Black Spot" badge hints that its owner has nothing to lose, at least in this world. The "Treasure Map in a Bottle" stripe will definitely bring you good luck in battle and good fortune.

May your blade always be wet, and powder dry! Yo Ho Ho!

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