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Battle Pass: Season 0 already in game!

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The pilot version of the Battle Pass: Season 0 has already started! It brings familiar mechanics, simple tasks, integration into the game client - everything you have been looking forward to. Join the Battle Pass: Season 0 and get heaps of extraordinary rewards!

Please note: the test season of the in-game Battle Pass will last for one week till September 30, while the reward accumulation rate will be significantly modified. This way, you will be able to seize all the prizes despite the limited nature of this test event. According to the results of your vote, the tasks of all weeks are already unlocked, so you will not have to wait for new missions every single day. Moreover, we have put the minimum cost of skipping a level – a nominal value in Warface Dollars - and your task progress will be boosted to make this special week full of wonderful events even more enjoyable.

Battle Pass Access

All Warface players can access the Battle Pass; the basic version is automatically activated upon first logging into the game after the September update. It means that you can do tasks and receive cool rewards absolutely for free!

Those players who find basic access missions and prizes insufficient can obtain the premium access for the in-game currency. It can be purchased from the game account at any moment.

Battle Pass MechanicsF.A.Q.


Season 0 Rewards

HX Outdoors Trident

The Trident knife developed by the Chinese company HX Outdoors is considered a convenient and indispensable tool for hiking and survival. The 98mm blade is made of the popular 440C stainless steel coated with titanium for increased wear resistance. The handle of the knife is made of K10 composite fiber. In the game, the combat stats of the novelty will be on par with those of the Balisong Knife.

Apart from the basic appearance, the HX Outdoors Trident boasts 7 vivid camouflages that will certainly interest weapon collectors. But that's not all! The knife offers a unique animation that gets activated when it is not used and allows you to get a better view of the unique colors of the weapon.

"Lightcycle" Weapon Series

Cyberpunk is a science fiction genre where the dark world of the future ruled by large corporations becomes the main setting. It features a world of contrasts where technological progress triumphs in neon cities, and human culture is in decline. One of the main genre attributes dominates in the new "Lightcycle" weapon series: the guns are decorated with a neon pattern that constantly changes its color.


MSBS Radon

Uzkon UNG-12

Fabarm P.S.S.10


H&K MP5A5 Custom

Steyr Scout


About the Battle Pass

Season 0 is the first in-game Battle Pass where you will advance through levels, complete tasks and receive valuable rewards. Season 0 has a number of advantages:

  • Battle Pass integrated into the game. The interface has become an integral part of the game client; it is laconic and intuitive even for beginners.
  • Premium access for everyone. Since this is a pilot launch of the client integrated Battle Pass, we decided to make it available to everyone.
  • Instant task progress registration. You will no longer have to wait for the progress to get updated - as soon as task conditions are met in a match, it will immediately be marked as completed.
  • Quick reward distribution. You will no longer need to exchange points for rewards - when you complete a task, they will be given to you immediately after the combat is over.
  • Level progression. You will receive rewards not only for doing tasks, but also for advancing through levels.
  • Notification system. You can learn about the completion of tasks even in combat - a special notification will appear on the left side of the screen.

Return to the roots!

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