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Weapon bundles for topping up

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Are you wondering how to maximize your profit when topping up your account? Then the updated class bundles are right up your alley! They include Kredits, camo, powerful guns and an awesome knife. Don't miss this special offer!


Any player who has topped up their account and has a character of rank 10 or higher can take advantage of the offer and purchase a class bundle. The offer has already begun and is available on a special page.

Hover over the  icon to view information about the bundles.

Class bundle
300 Kredits.
Enfield L85A2 Custom.
"World Tournament" and "Tigerstripe" camo for Enfield L85A2 Custom.
M48 Bowie Knife "Syndicate".
Class bundle
300 Kredits.
Crye Precision SIX12.
"Earth Shaker" and "Berserk" camo for Crye Precision SIX12.
M48 Bowie Knife "Idol".
Class bundle
300 Kredits.
XM8 Compact.
"Impulse" and "Berserk" сamo for XM8 Compact.
M48 Bowie Knife "Onyx".
Class bundle
300 Kredits.
Steyr Scout.
"Idol" and "Icebreaker" camo for Steyr Scout.
M48 Bowie Knife K.I.W.I.

How to use the offer?

  1. On the special page, select the class for which you want to get a bundle.
  2. Make the purchase
  3. Collect the contents of the bundle from the "My Items" page.

Please note: bundles can be purchased only on a special page and only upon the activation of the corresponding offer. Other offers (discounts, bonuses, etc.) do not apply to these bundles. You can use this offer only once for each class. 

Other conditions
  • After purchasing one bundle, you will receive Kredits, a main weapon and two camouflages for it, as well as a M48 Bowie Knife from various weapon series.
  • These items will appear on the "My Items" page.

Happy shopping and good luck in combat!

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