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Warface FAQ #11

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We are back with the answers to the most burning topics on our Social Media platforms. Here are the articles that might help you find info regarding the previously asked questions:
Q.: Will there be more Warface Dollar or Crown Boxes?
A.: We consider adding more items for Warface Dollars or Crowns to the game shop. Stay posted!
Q.: Can you make the permanent special items (such as defibrillators, medkits etc) available for Warface Dollars like on Russian server?
A.: We will consider it, thanks for the suggestion!
Q.: What is going to happen to the Inventory and the Marketplace on the website after the BP is transferred to the game?
A.: Unfortunately we didn’t make a certain decision yet. We’ll update you on the situation as soon as we have some info.
Q.: After removing Service crafting, convert our Resources to free cards.
A.: We consider it as an option however we cannot guarantee that something like this will be implemented. Stay posted! 
Q.: Are there any news on the technical issues on the NA server?
A.: We are deeply sorry for the long-term issues with the NA server. We aim to install the fix in the upcoming update.

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