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Soon in game: AMB-17 and DVL-10 M2

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We are glad to present you a submachine gun AMB-17 for Engineers and the DVL-10 M2 rifle for Snipers. The new Russian-made weapons boast excellent specs and will appeal to any fighter!


The AMB-17 is a small-sized assault rifle designed by the Kalashnikov Group and created on the basis of the AM-17, a development of the legendary gunsmith Evgeny Dragunov, featuring all cutting-edge technologies. The letter "B" ("silent") in the weapon name indicates the presence of an integrated silencer. It is a compact rifle chambered for impressive 9x39 mm catridges. The weapon was elaborated for the secret services and the army to replace the AS Val and VSS Vintorez. The damage and effective range of the new arm in the game are identical to those of the AM-17, but the AMB-17 surpasses its predecessor in the rate of fire. This advantage is offset by a slightly lower magazine capacity and reduced hip fire accuracy.

Apart from its sleek looks, the golden version sports a higher rate of fire and an increased magazine.

The AMB-17 comes equipped with two unique attachments. The first one is the 1.3x collimator Truglo TruPoint Sight, which provides quick aiming and significantly reduces barrel sway. The second one is the MFT Forend Grip, which increases accuracy, reduces recoil and improves weapon change speed (excluding in the prone position).


By landing killing blows with the weapon, you will be able to get memorable distinctions.




DVL-10 M2

The lightweight tactical sniper rifle DVL-10 M2 is a cutting-edge product of the Russian manufacturer Lobaev Arms that can be successfully employed wherever compactness, mobility and high accuracy are required. In the game, the weapon allows for quick aiming and is able to kill the enemy by impacting any body part. This feature together with the controlled recoil, makes the DVL-10 M2 an excellent pick for medium and long distances on par with the SV-98, although the hip fire accuracy of the latter surpasses that of the new gun.

There are four unique attachments that can be mounted on the DVL-10 M2. The first one is a 4.5x scope, which provides quick aiming. The second and the third modules are suppressors that reduce muzzle flash, decrease damage drop, and improve penetration. One of them decreases recoil, while the other slightly increases accuracy. The fourth attachment is the UTG forend that reduces barrel sway when firing in the prone position, and also increases the weapon change speed.


By landing killing blows with the weapon, you will be able to get memorable distinctions.

Please note that the specs indicated are preliminary and can be subject to change per general testing results.

Take no chances - use the best weapons of war at your disposal.

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