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Warface FAQ #12

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We continue posting the answers to the most burning questions you ask on our Social Media platforms. Here are the previous articles that might help you find the answers to the questions asked before:
First of all, thanks to everyone for providing the detailed feedback on the new UI. It has been forwarded to the development team. We have also compiled a list of the most requested features and forwarded it as well. It includes such things as the ‘clear all’ button in the notifications tab, search/sorting options for the Inventory and the Achievements, an in-game whisper option and many others. One of the most requested features, loadouts, is scheduled for 2020 (according to our development roadmap). 
Q.: Are you going to remove the repair system from the game?
A.: The current repair system is an indispensable part of the game economy. We do not plan to remove it.
Q.: There should be an option to select what map you want to play on.
A.: We do not plan to introduce this feature as it may significantly increase the matchmaking time.
Q.: I got 100 FPS less after the last update.
A.: Please submit a ticket to the support team and provide the diagnostic data per their request. They will be happy to help you!
Q.: Reset the value of room vote choice after each game. I encountered 45 votes for “Oil Depot”.
A.: The developers are aware of this issue. Currently, they are working hard, aiming to fix it ASAP. 
Q.: Make it so that weapon skins and skinned weapons have a visual difference in the shop.
A.: Thank you for the suggestion, it has been forwarded!

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