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Closing crafting system on the game website

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We have already notified you about the imminent closing of the website crafting system and asked you to get ready and try to assemble the desired guns during these months. There is very little time left before the first stage of the systen shutdown — starting from October 13, you will no longer get resource crates for combat. It is a good idea to collect or use up the maximum number of resources till then!

We have another important news: in the future, players will be able to exchange the accumulated resources for in-game crafting cards. This way, you will continue to assemble the desired weapons, and if necessary, you can exchange extra cards for free ones. But let's consider the issue in more detail!

Stages of website crafting shutdown

To make the transition more comfortable, we are closing the website crafting system in several stages.


This applies to regular, silver, golden and platinum crates in the "Weapon Crafting" tab, as well as to "Resources for Crafting" crates and their keys. You can find the latter in the "Crates" tab on the "Services" page.

It will be impossible to get new crates, but it will be still possible to use resource crates that you already have or that are available on the Marketplace. The "Resource" keys will also be available for purchase for a symbolic price of 1 Kredit.

This situation will last till October 19, after that the website crafting system will finally cease to exist and the stage of exchanging resources for in-game cards will begin.


Promo page for resource exchange

Very soon you will get access to a promo page where you can exchange the accumulated resources of the fifth level for in-game crafting cards. The exchange option will appear after the website crafting is disabled, approximately on October 19. Until then, on the promo page, you will be able to see the terms of exchange, the current number of resources, as well as the number of in-game cards that you will receive in the future after exchange.

  • Only level five resources can be exchanged for cards, so try to collect the maximum amount of them!
  • The exchange rate will be 1 level five resource = 5 cards — as if you were assembling the same weapon on the website.
  • Cards of the same weapon models that were present in the website crafting system will become available for exchange: AK Alpha, Typhoon F12, Kriss Super V Custom and CDX-MC Kraken.
  • You will be able to exchange all your level five resources for cards for one selected gun. It will not be possible to exchange them in parts or divide them between different models.
  • After the exchange, in-game cards will appear in the Inventory on the website.

Why is the exchange rate like this? To craft a gun on the website, you need 200 resources of the fifth level, while to assemble a weapon in the game 1000 cards are required. The latter is 5 times larger; that is why the exchange rate is 1 to 5. Thus, you will get an equivalent number of in-game cards and can continue to create the desired weapons in the game starting from the same stage where you stopped on the website. At the same time, you will receive additional cards for your attachments, read on to learn more.

Resources for attachments and upgrade to the fifth level

It is important to note that after closing the system, you will also get back resources for all available weapon attachments. At the same time, low level resources will be automatically converted into the level five ones if it is possible at the current exchange rate. So no worries if you forget to do it yourself. How will it happen?

  • On October 19, the website crafting system will close.
  • Right after that, all your attachments in the Inventory or on the Marketplace will be transferred back into resources.
  • All resources starting from the first level ones will be in turn converted into higher-level resources up to level five.
  • You will see the total number of your fifth level resources on the resource exchange promotion page.
  • After that, the exchange option will open, and you will get as many cards as will be indicated on the promo page (at the rate of 1 to 5, respectively).

Thus, some players will see more level five resources on the promo page available for exchange due to disassembled attachments and transfer to higher level resources.

How can I get ready?

Undoubtedly, the closure of the crafting system is quite a large-scale event and one needs to get ready for it.

Until 09:00 UTC on October 13:

  1. accumulate as many resources as possible before you can no longer get resource crates and keys for combat;
  2. open all resource crates available on the corresponding page: the "Crates" tab in the "Weapon Crafting" section.

Until October 19:

  1. open all possible "Resources for Crafting" crates and spend all "Resource" keys;
  2. complete all trading operations with "Resources for Crafting" crates and "Resource" keys;
  3. complete crafting the desired weapon models if you have enough attachments and resources for them;
  4. complete all operations with weapon attachments;
  5. accumulate as many level five resources as possible for future exchange for cards;
  6. transfer as many resources as possible to level five resources.


You probably have a lot of questions, and we will try to answer some of them.

Q: I have already assembled all four weapon models. What should I do?
A: Upon receiving cards for crafting AK Alpha, Typhoon F12, Kriss Super V Custom and CDX-MC Kraken, they will be automatically converted into leftover cards that you can exchange for free cards in the game, and then use the latter to assemble any other gun.
Q: What will happen to the "Services" page after the system is closed?
A: The "Weapon Crafting" tab will be removed, while the other tabs will continue to work.
Q: Will I be able to buy resource crates and keys for them in the future?
A: You can purchase them only till October 19, after that the items will be removed from sale.
Q: What will happen to crates and keys after disabling the crafting system?
A: All unused resource crates and keys will be destroyed, so it is important to use them before October 19.
Q: What will happen to the already assembled weapon models?
A: They will remain in your Inventory or on the Marketplace.
Q: Will K. I. W. I., "Absolute" and other crates remain in "Services" or will they also disappear?
A: They will remain unchanged.

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