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Soon in game: technical performance monitoring

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After the next update, Warface will have several tools for tracking important technical parameters such as Internet connection and PC performance. The monitoring tools will allow you to choose the optimal equipment settings for  comfortable gaming. In case there occur any problems (we hope, there will not be any), special indicators will promptly notify you about this.


A high-quality Internet connection and high FPS are absolutely essential for a comfortable gaming experience. Therefore, for a convenient and prompt assessment of these indicators' state while playing Warface, we have added special monitoring tools and problem indicators.

Monitoring tools display in real time the status of the main parameters of the Internet connection and hardware.

  • Frame rate (FPS)

  • CPU time

  • GPU time

  • Ping

  • Server tick

  • Packet loss

  • Total hardware latency before rendering (for video cards supporting SDK NVIDIA Reflex and DirectX 11).

The Server tick value in the game is displayed in milliseconds. It is the time between sending data packets. To find out the number of transfers per second, you need to divide 1000 ms (that is 1 s) by this number. For example, in the PvP graph, the Server tick value is 16.6 ms. Dividing 1000 by 16.6, we get ~ 60 transfers, which is the current TickRate.

Data can be shown both as text and as graphs. The activation and selection of the tool display method can be carried out in the "Statistics" tab of the game settings window.

If the value of one or more parameters becomes critical for gameplay, new problem indicators in the upper right corner of the screen will notify you about this. However, we hope you will never know what they look like.

  • Low FPS. This parameter depends directly on the hardware of the PC, and if it lacks resources, the image will become less smooth. In some cases, this can lead to freezes when the image on the screen freezes for a while. Learn more.

  • High ping. The server and the game client interact by exchanging data packets. If it takes a data packet to be sent from the game client to the server and back too long, the quality of the gameplay will deteriorate significantly (there will be issues with damage registration, teleports, etc.). Learn more.

  • Packet loss. If data packets do not reach the client or the server, players may also experience similar problems (for example, the character will be moving in jerks).

  • Connection losses. If serious difficulties arise in the exchange of data between the client and the server, further gameplay becomes impossible. This usually happens when there are problems with the Internet connection. Learn more.

We hope you will appreciate the new monitoring tools!


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