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Soon in game: Exclusion Area

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Very soon a new map "Exclusion Area" for the "Bag and Tag" mode will appear in the game meaning that it's time to answer the call of Pripyat. According to our intelligence reports, Blackwood forces have been spotted in the exclusion zone again and it seems that the area has become the testing grounds for another experimental weapon.


The Warface headquarters received information that despite the loss of the main tower equipped with a seismic drill, Blackwood forces conserved their presence in the exclusion zone. Moreover, three towers were erected in a very short time; the structures create powerful electromagnetic radiation around them. General Lee Wharton and the entire command staff came to the conclusion that the mysterious Blackwood patrons are getting prepared to test a new weapon of mass destruction.

In order to destroy Blackwood's new development, several Warface squads are deployed to Pripyat. However, upon arriving on the spot, the fighters realize that they became subjects of a terrible experiment. The area around the towers is cut off by an energy field where the Warface units are impacted by a psychotronic weapon which causes them to start panicking and attacking each other.


Exclusion Area is a new map for the mode "Bag and Tag". The location is divided into 3 zones, one of which is randomly selected before the start of the match. An energy barrier rules out any movement beyond the zone, attempts to overcome the barrier will result in the death of the character.

An electromagnetic pulse tower is located in the center of the zones. Its delayed impact can be activated by one of the players via a special terminal, and 120 seconds later a powerful electromagnetic pulse destroys all living beings within the area. To survive, soldiers need to take shelter in the terminal building or adjacent constructions. 

Points for enemies destroyed by the pulse are awarded to the player who activated the tower. However, after setting the terminal and before tower activation, any player can reconfigure the terminal to score kills. The terminal can be used again at least 1 minute after the pulse.

Every 200 seconds, Blackwood drones fly over the map. They can detect all players within a 50-meter radius and show their positions on the minimap. The drones themselves are also displayed on the map and can be destroyed.

FCG-R3 K1 energy guns can be employed as auxiliary arms to fight against the enemy. Containers with the weapons will be dropped from the air every 150 seconds. If nobody picks up the gun within one minute, it will go off.

The map also features various anomalous phenomena; most of them pose danger to players. Some anomalies move along a certain trajectory, so you'd better stay out of their way!

Please note that the specs indicated are preliminary and can be subject to change per general testing results.

Keep your dosimeters on the ready. Good luck in combat!

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