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October Update is live!

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A new update has been installed on the Warface servers. It brings the map "Exclusion Area", VSSK Vykhlop, updated weapons of the Crown series, themed Halloween content and much more! Hurry up to check out the novelties!

New Content

"Exclusion Area" Map

We are happy to present you a new map for the "Bag and Tag" mode. The location is divided into 3 zones, one of which is randomly selected before the start of the match. An energy barrier rules out any movement beyond the zone, attempts to overcome the barrier will result in the death of the character.

An electromagnetic pulse tower is located in the center of the zones. Its delayed impact can be activated by one of the players via a special terminal, and 120 seconds later a powerful electromagnetic pulse destroys all living beings within the area. To survive, soldiers need to take shelter in the terminal building or adjacent constructions. Details.

VSSK Vykhlop

We are glad to present you a new sniper rifle VSSK Vykhlop. The combat effectiveness of the VSSK Vykhlop is comparable to one of the best sniper rifles SV-98. The new weapon is powerful enough to eliminate the enemy by hitting any part of the body; moreover, it has an undeniable advantage of a built-in silencer, which makes shooting silent without damage loss. In addition, the VSSK Vykhlop features a higher capacity magazine, a perk that can play a crucial role in a tough battle. Details.

The owner of the golden VSSK Vykhlop can earn a unique stripe by killing 999 opponents.

Updated Crown Series

This is a really long-awaited expansion of a cool series of Crown guns. The weapon line-up has been topped up with powerful arms: F90 MBR, Tavor TS12 Custom, LWRC SMG-45, Remington MSR and CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot. The key feature of the elite series is improved specs: the new weapons differ from their regular versions thanks to increased magazine capacity and more ammo. Details.

By killing enemies with the new arms, you will be able to unlock cool stripes.






Golden Katana

The arm has got a luxurious golden version that can boast not only impeccable looks but improved performance as well. The golden katana deals more damage with the main and the secondary attacks, and sports an increased damage radius. Details.

The owner of the Golden Katana can earn a unique stripe by killing 999 opponents.

We will tell you about the ways of getting the Golden Katana in separate publications.

Halloween Content

"Halloween" Series

Meet and greet the "Halloween" weapon series, a perfect combination of lethal power of potent guns and a unique themed design. The weapons are decorated with the popular Halloween symbols: sinister Jack-o'-lanterns with a nasty cemetery with the living dead on the background. The fantastic colourful decoration patterns on the weapons' frames will surely impress your opponents and delight you. Apart from the guns, there are camouflages set in the same style. Details.

Howa Type 89 Custom

Chiappa Triple Threat

Thompson M1928

DVL-10 M2

XM556 Microgun

Kel-Tec SUB2000

HX Outdoors Trident

By eliminating opponents with the weapons of the "Halloween" series, you can get unique achievements - a mark, a badge and a stripe.

Themed Weapon Charms

Themed weapon decorations will send chills down your enemies' spines! The game now offers 5 new charms dedicated to Halloween and designed as symbols of this spooky holiday. Details.

Demon Spider charm

Spooky Ghost charm

Chained Coffin charm

Jack-o'-lantern charm

Bat Out Of Hell charm

Pumpkin Claymore

One of the most recognizable Halloween attributes is the Jack-o'-lantern that has now become even deadlier! Unlike other mines in Warface, the unique pumpkin claymore can be thrown right at the enemy's feet. At the same time, it will roll off inclined surfaces or bounce off walls like a grenade. The pumpkin destroys everything around it and deals as much damage as the antipersonnel mine. Details.

The new item ignores boots with a mine detonation delay and cannot be destroyed by a shot; however, it disappears from the map on its own 25 seconds after being thrown.

Festive Helmets

New helmets can scare off even the most seasoned fighters! The helmets feature a unique look for each class and will become a great match for the "Halloween" vests. The helmets increase head protection by 40% and reduce the flashbang effect by 40%. Details.

Shaman Mask (Rifleman)

Witch Doctor Mask (Medic)

Jester Mask (Engineer)

Ogre Mask (Sniper)

We will tell you about the ways of getting the festive helmets later. Stay tuned!

"Frankenstein" Series

Another series oozing the spirit of the most creepy holiday! These weapons look really intimidating and clearly hint to the enemy that you are not the one to joke with. Apart from the Frankenstein guns, you will also find similar skins. Details.

Enfield L85A2 Custom




By killing enemies using the "Frankenstein" weapons, you can earn stripes of the weapon expert!

Technical Changes

Discontinuing support for 32-bit OS

Starting from the current game version, we fully discontinue our support for 32-bit systems that are now still used by a small percentage of players. Change to 64-bit systems will shorten the development of new content and allow to elaborate higher quality and more varied gameplay on a larger scale as well as improve performance of the game client by giving it the opportunity to use more RAM. User PCs with fewer RAM will be able to employ the page file more efficiently, thus avoiding client crashes. Details.

Technical performance monitoring

Warface now has several tools for tracking important technical parameters such as Internet connection and PC performance. The monitoring tools allow you to choose the optimal equipment settings for comfortable gaming. In case there occur any problems (we hope, there will not be any), special indicators will promptly notify you about this. Details.

Content Changes

Weapon Tweaks

The textures and models of M4A1, Remington Model 870, H&K MP5, Browning High Power and FN P90 as well as their position in the character's hands when viewed from the first and the third person have been improved. In addition, the icons of achievements for killing enemies with the specified guns have been updated.

The specs of the standard weapon versions have also been tweaked.

  • M4A1: increased rate of fire (from 610 to 620); lower recoil; reduced minimum spread.
  • Remington Model 870: increased damage (from 600 to 620); increased rate of fire (from 80 to 85); reduced maximum and minimum spread.
  • H&K MP5: increased damage (from 56 to 60); lower recoil, reduced maximum recoil.
  • Dragunov SR: increased damage (from 150 to 155); increased rate of fire (from 260 to 270); increased zoom-in speed.
  • Browning High Power: increased damage (from 65 to 70); increased rate of fire (from 285 to 300); increased zoom-in speed.

Other Changes


  • Improved methods of correct slide performance verification to make it more difficult to use third-party programs and in-game exploits.
  • Added achievements for kills made with the Christmas weapon series.
  • "Peacekeeper" skins: the total sprint distance bonus has been increased from 50% to 60%.
  • The Battle Pass "Mutiny" is now available starting from rank 1.
  • Changes to the visual design of the Battle Pass screen elements.
  • Added achievement localization for reaching levels in the Battle Pass "Mutiny". Later, we will inform you about their distribution.
  • Minor localization fixes.
  • The main menu music theme has been substituted for a themed one.
  • The maps Cemetery and Streetwars Halloween are now available in the map rotation.

Bug Fixes


  • The game client no longer crashes in PvE missions when certain types of opponents fail to hit the player.
  • Fixed an error due to which the interface text became unreadable at low resolution.
  • Fixed an error due to which the player continued seeing former clansmen in the contact list after being excluded from the clan.
  • "District 2.0": fixed a bug due to which there were FPS drops at some points on the map.
  • Fixed an error due to which one of the "Mutiny" Battle Pass daily tasks was compelted regardless of the match results.
Full Change Log

Weapons and Gear

  • Golden SVU-AS: fixed a bug that caused the sight (4x) to retain its colour after being equipped with the "Guardian" skin.
  • M4A1: fixed an error that caused the weapon to start twitching when using the standard, the advanced, or the rare Rifleman Scope.
  • Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven, FN P90 Custom, FN SCAR-H "Particle": fixed an error due to which the weapons had the wrong rarity type.
  • H&K G28: fixed an error due to which the text of the weapon description in the Inventory had incorrect formatting.
  • Lake Bird Tactical Axe: fixed an error due to which enemy kills realized with the weapon did not count for the "Crazed Axeman" achievement progress.
  • Basic SMG Scope: fixed a bug due to which the aiming point disappeared in the smoke.
  • CZ 805 G1 "Pirate": fixed a bug due to which enemy kills realized with the weapon did not count for unlocking the achievements of the series.
  • Fixed an error due to which kills made with the Tavor CTAR-21 "Lake Bird" did not count for the fifth challenge of the third week of the Battle Pass.


  • District 2.0:
    • fixed an error due to which the names of old key points were displayed on the map;
    • eliminated unintended and one-side exploits, as well as positions that gave a significant advantage;
    • fixed an error due to which the effect of running water was displayed incorrectly at a certain point on the map;
    • fixed a bug due to which a sound artifact was played at a certain point on the map.
  • "Shuttle": fixed a bug due to which there was an unintended exploit at a certain point on the map.
  • "Hangar": fixed a bug due to which there was an unintended vault at a certain point on the map.
  • "Yard 2.0": fixed an error due to which the player could get stuck at a certain point on the attacker base.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the counter of votes for the next map in "Quick Play" worked incorrectly.


  • "Hydra": fixed a bug due to which the Special Operation crashed when the player crossed the defensive lasers.
  • "Mars": fixed a bug that caused players to disconnect from the Special Operation when the Heavy Droid started firing missiles.
  • "Cold Peak": fixed a bug due to which the player could get stuck jumping off the roof of the bunker.
  • "Sunrise":
    • fixed a bug due to which some enemies jerked unnaturally on the spot upon spawning;
    • fixed a bug which caused visual artifacts when placing explosives on Blackwood armored vehicles.
  • Solo Mission: fixed a bug due to which the debugger's service window appeared at the end of an episode of the Special Operation "Sunrise".


  • Fixed a bug due to which the modal window notifying about the receipt of rewards in the Battle Pass could not be closed when the match was loading.
  • Fixed a bug due to which at low screen resolutions the game client window could not be maximized after being minimized.
  • Fixed an error due to which the character disappeared from the game menu screen after the shop update.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the game chat would not scroll down if the player had already scrolled it up and down.
  • Fixed a bug due to which when receiving a message of the maximum length, it did not disappear even after the chat was closed.
  • Fixed an error due to which the OK button did not work in the window notifying that the player was excluded from a match for AFK.
  • Fixed an error due to which the first message from a user whose rank was below 20 was not displayed in the general chat.
  • Fixed an error due to which weapons purchased via the banner on the main game window did not appear in the character's hands.
  • Fixed an error due to which one player could not invite another one to a match if the second player had joined the match of the first user before.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the list of rewards for level purchase did not always scroll in the modal window.
  • Fixed an error due to which the "Monsoon Rush 2" achievement requirements did not match the description.
  • Fixed a bug that caused expired arms to automatically change to default weapons.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the Battle Pass tasks were not considered completed even after receiving a notification about it.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, when holding the Esc button, the interface began to negatively affect the game client performance.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the visual effect of incoming damage was too intense in the first person view.
  • Fixed an error due to which several Battle Pass challenges could be completed without fully meeting the requirements.
  • Fixed an error due to which the achievement list did not scale correctly after changing the screen resolution.
  • Fixed an error due to which the Alt + Enter combination for switching between windows did not work in the full screen mode with the Russian keyboard layout.
  • Fixed an error due to which the character model in the main game window changed its size after changing the screen ratio from 3: 4 to 16: 9 and reloading.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the "_" symbol was not displayed in usernames at 1152x664 resolution (4: 3 side ratio).
  • Fixed an error that caused an incorrect display of the Battle Pass welcome screen after there appeared a window notifying about a temporary item expiration.
  • Fixed a bug due to which small freezes of the game client appeared when switching from Quick Play to a Private room and back.

Good luck in combat!


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