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Top-up offer and Halloween shop update

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Are you wondering how to maximize your profit when topping up your account? Then the Desert Snake, Phobos and Earth Shaker packs are right up your alley! Considering what goods to spend your Kredits or Crowns on? Look no further than the Halloween shop update!

Weapon packs for topping up

Any player can take advantage of the offer and purchase these packs. The offer has already begun and is available on a special page.

  You receive
Name Kredits Items
Military Pack

Mateba Autorevolver + "Desert Snake" camo for it and M40A5 + "Desert Snake" camo for it
Army Pack
Type 97 "Phobos", Ice-Axe "Phobos", "Armageddon" smoke grenade (100 units) and Stechkin APS "Phobos"
Combat Pack

SIG Sauer P226 C "Earth Shaker" and  Katana "Earth Shaker"
  1. On the special page, select the pack you want
  2. Make the purchase
  3. Collect the contents of the pack from the "My Items" page.

Please note: these packs can be purchased only on a special page and only upon the activation of the corresponding offer. Other offers (discounts, bonuses, etc.) do not apply to these packs. You can use this offer only once for each pack.

Halloween shop update

The following line-up will be available in store till around 9:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) on the 16th of October:
  • Kredit Random Boxes with 10% discount: Uzkon UNG-12 and CZ 805 BREN A2
The following line-up will be available in store till around 9:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) on the 19th of October:
  •  VSSK Vykhlop Kredit Random Box and new Elite Crown Weapon Random Box

The following line-up will be available in store indefinitely:

  • Direct Sale via Kredits or Crowns: "Halloween" camo series 
  • Direct Sale via Kredits: Halloween charms 

Special Highlight: VSSK Vykhlop

We are glad to present you a new sniper rifle VSSK Vykhlop. The combat effectiveness of the VSSK Vykhlop is comparable to one of the best sniper rifles - SV-98. The new weapon is powerful enough to eliminate the enemy by hitting any part of the body; moreover, it has an undeniable advantage of a built-in silencer, which makes shooting silent without damage loss. In addition, the VSSK Vykhlop features a higher capacity magazine, a perk that can play a crucial role in a tough battle.

Have a fang-tastic shopping!

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