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Brazilian Player Migration and Server Merge

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Dear players!
We have important news to share with you. Warface, as a global title, keeps on expanding and developing. A lot has been done throughout this challenging year and more is yet to come! However, the core of our game is our international community. It is always exciting to greet new members of it but it’s truly a special occasion, when a whole region joins in.
We are happy to announce that in November we will be welcoming players of the Brazilian region that will migrate from their publisher to our EU server. Moreover, in Q4 of this year we plan to carry out the merge of our EU and NA servers that will mean not only an increase in the player base but various quality of life improvements for our current players, for example:
  • The server merge will fix a number of pending technical issues like the ones connected to ping (especially the issues currently observed on NA)
  • Brazilian players who play on the EU and on the NA servers will no longer be separated and will be able to enjoy the game with their loyal allies again
  • The matchmaking will take less time, meaning that you can spend more time in combat, rather than in the lobby. You’ll be matched to the closest and most optimal shard (sub-server)
  • Updates will be delivered faster since they will be installed almost simultaneously with the patches of the CIS game version
Don’t worry, you will not lose any of your progress or items during the server merge. We will do our best to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for all our users, so that you get the most positive experience possible. Stay tuned for the separate articles on the migration and the merge, where we will provide you with further details.
Warface Team

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