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Warface: Top Issues. Part I

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Dear players!
We keep monitoring your feedback on the various game related issues. Our main goal is to make Warface enjoyable for everyone, that’s why we are here today to let you know what problems we are currently focused on and what their status is.
We will publish several articles to cover various issues and later on will keep you updated on the status of all of them on a regular basis.


The majority of the player base has experienced issues related to the regional matchmaking at least once. It’s a very complex topic to discuss, so we’ll split it into categories. 

Ping-related issues

Why do I have high ping?

Issue: The most probable (and obvious) reason why a player has high ping is that the servers are located far away from the player’s location. Another common reason for it is low Internet speed or bad routing to the server which fully depends on the service provider. The only solution we can offer to improve your ping is to create more regional servers. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward: for the room to be created on that server there should be enough players from that region. We regularly monitor the situation with the allocation of our playerbase and as soon as we see that there is a real need to add a server, we do so. One of the last examples is a server in South America, which is going to go live as soon as the migration of Brazilian players starts.
Status: ongoing

I have 5 bars. Why are there so many players with high ping in the room?

Issue: There are two reasons why players from very distant locations play in the same room. The first one - there are no closer servers. Following the status of the previous issue, we will be able to provide them with a separate server only if the situation allows us to do so.
Status: ongoing
Issue: There is a closer server but the matchmaking is too long or the server selection doesn't matter for the player. Taking into account the future migration of the Brazilian players and EU + NA servers merge, we are now focused on improving regional matchmaking. Our goal is to make it impossible to join a distant region manually thus reevaluating the current server coverage area.
Status: ongoing

Game economy

Issue: Most of the new weapons are sold for Kredits. We aim to provide you with the alternative ways of obtaining desired items such as Crown and Warface Dollar boxes, events (e.g. TOP GUN), weapon crafting and Social Media contests. We will keep doing so on a regular basis.
Status: ongoing
Issue: Old weapons are less powerful than the new ones. The development team rebalances older weapons on a regular basis.
Status: ongoing


The fight against cheats at the software level is our top priority. It allows us to identify and block offenders, yet also complicates the further development of cheats, reducing their total number on the market. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to mitigate the issue completely - the cheat makers keep updating their software, which repeats the cycle.
In the last quarter of this year 1532 accounts were banned for cheating and most of them got automatically detected by MRAC (our anti-cheat programme). We aim to improve the ways of detecting the offenders and reducing the time such accounts exist for in our game.
Status: ongoing

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