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Soon in game: SAI GRY LMG and Ruger Mk IV Lite

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We are glad to present you two new American weapons that will soon appear in the game: the machine gun SAI GRY LMG for Riflemen and the pistol Ruger Mk IV Lite.


The SAI GRY LMG is an improved version of the American weapon SAI GRY AR-15 well familiar to every Warface player. It is designed to occupy a niche between assault rifles and machine guns. The SAI GRY LMG differs from its predecessor in a higher damage and a better rate of fire, as well as a more spacious magazine. The SAI GRY LMG favourably compares to other machine guns thanks to its excellent accuracy and soft recoil.

A unique suppressor Jailbrake Mk2 reduces damage drop, increases penetration and improves hip fire accuracy by 10%.

Ruger Mk IV Lite

The USA pistol Ruger Mk IV Lite will become one of the best precision pistols. Its main rival is the CZ 75 Czechmate Parrot. The novelty differs from the latter thanks to a higher accuracy and reduced maximum spread; it also boasts an increased damage multiplier to the head and limbs. However, the main advantage of the new pistol is a silencer that does not reduce damage.

Its golden version offers a slightly increased rate of fire and a more spacious magazine.

The Ruger Mk IV Lite can be equipped with three unique attachments: a 1.2x reflex sight; a suppressor that reduces damage drop by 10% and increases penetration; and a silencer that does not decrease damage.


By landing killing blows with the new weapons, you'll get memorable distinctions.

Please note that the specs indicated are preliminary and can be subject to change per general testing results.

Take no chances, use the best weapons of war at your disposal!

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