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Soon in game: Special Operation "Swarm"

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With the next update, Warface will move to a seasonal system. "Swarm" will become the first season featuring a Special Operation under the same code name as well as a lot of other themed in-game content.

In this publication we will tell you about a Special Operation that will be totally different from everything you've seen before: new enemies, unique weapons to fight them, a gloomy thriller atmosphere and cool rewards await you. Are you ready to take up this dangerous mission?


In one of the provincial towns bordering the Mojave Desert, a series of strange events has been occurring. People started to disappear from farms on the outskirts; the county police imposed curfew, and eyewitnesses report seeing numerous military detachments without identification marks.

An anonymous source contacted the Warface command centre and claimed that Blackwood held samples of an unknown life form from the ship of Martian colonists that had crashed in th Death Valley.

A Blackwood base was soon constructed not far from the crash site. But strange creatures kept in its depths have broken free and now pose danger to all living beings. To eliminate the threat to the civilian population, one of the best Warface units "Sigma-3" is deployed to the region.

Special Operation Features

Special Operation "Swarm" offers players a brand new PvE experience through a unique combination of gameplay features.

  • Ambience. Enjoy the atmosphere of classic horror films of the 80s! The dawn haze will be a harbinger of the nightmare that you will have to live in reality. The pitch darkness that reigns in mysterious laboratories and damp tunnels of a grim underground bunker will make you shudder from every rustle and shoot into the darkness.
  • Enemies. Get ready to face arachnids - a race of predatory creatures. You will see their menacing silhouette around every corner! This is a fundamentally new opponent with unique combat tactics waiting for its victim in the most unexpected places.
  • Boss. In the depths of an underground complex there lurks something that controls the arachnids. And this something is huge, so have the most powerful guns on the ready to deal with this monster!
  • Equipment. A flamethrower is the best way to fight arachnids protected by solid chitinous carapace! Infinite ammo will allow you to burn down whole hordes of bloodthirsty creatures.
  • Unmanned armored vehicle. The unmanned combat vehicle "Samantha" will help you survive a descent into the very monsters' lair. You can increase its performance and even equip it with turrets that will enhance your squad's firepower.
  • New reward system. By completing the whole Special Operation within a certain period of time, you will get a box with the most generous rewards!

Very soon we will tell you more about the gameplay of the Special Operation, the enemies and completion rewards.

Please note that the info indicated is preliminary and can be subject to change per general testing results.

See you in the Swarm!

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