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Warface FAQ #14

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Warface FAQ #14 is here. Get the answers to the most burning questions and don’t forget to check out our previous articles:

Q: Can you give us more details on how you’re going to change the regional matchmaking?
A: We get many questions about how server structure is going to work in the future and how  we plan to improve the regional matchmaking. Currently, we’re focused on several things:
  • Investigating an opportunity to remove manual region selection (e.g. from the Game Center);
  • Analyzing the server coverage area to determine which regions require more servers and which ones have to be disabled;
  • Evaluating your feedback on the recent changes (like 5 min waiting time before the regional pop-up appears).
Q: Let us know if we can instantly join a game by switching regions (and preferably which region it would be) or give us a toggle option in safe house while we wait, so we can decide when we want to search all regions.
A: Switching regions is something we’re trying to avoid as playing with high ping worsens the game experience for everyone.
Q: Why do I have an increased ping to a server?
A: Routing mostly depends on your ISP. We suggest you use `tracert` (for Amsterdam, if you mean another server though, you can check it here) in cmd and then submit a ticket to the customer support. They will be able to detect where exactly you have an issue. 
Q: Where is the Golden Katana?
A: It’s already in game and it will be available soon, stay posted!
Q: Can you add a pop-up notification when we finish some event mission on the website (same as in the Battle Pass)
A: Unfortunately, it’s possible only with the in-built events. The website events process the results of your match retrospectively, after the game session is over. 
Q: Will there be any official tournaments in the nearest future?
A: As the eSports platform is under maintenance till at least November, there are no official tournaments at the moment. You can participate in the Community Tournaments. We will try to feature them more often.

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