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Special Operation "Swarm": Gameplay and Rewards

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We continue to share information about the special operation "Swarm" that will become available in Warface with the next update. This article focuses on its gameplay, enemies, and completion rewards.


Act 1

The operation begins at the approaches to the military base. To get inside, you will have to find three laptops with access codes. To activate the laptops, you will need resources. Resource crates are scattered throughout the map.

Act 2

Once inside the complex, you will need to restore power to the central room access terminal. Here you will find an unexpected ally who will help you survive the descent to the lower levels.

Act 3

To find out what controls the arachnids, you will have to fight your way to the heart of the base through dark damp tunnels, killing hordes of disgusting enemies. Take care of your new ally and it will pay you back in the final battle.

Act 4

Get ready to face the biggest enemy you've ever seen!


Arachnids are fast and dangerous enemies that prefer to hunt in the dark. They usually hide in the ground, ventilation systems, or hives, waiting for their prey. There are several main types of beetles.

Soldier Beetle
A melee opponent. The most numerous species.

Elite Soldier Beetle
It is faster than its kind and has a more durable chitinous cover.

Sniper Beetle
A long-range opponent that always keeps its distance.

Elite Sniper Beetle
It is faster than its kind and has a more durable chitinous cover.

An immobile long-range opponent.

Elite Flytrap
It produces more acid while dealing damage to a certain area.

Kamikaze Beetle
It explodes on contact with a target or upon death.

It harbors elite arachnids waiting for the victim in the ground.

Completion Rewards

"Swarm" continues the tradition of a cyclic reward system with milestones, meaning that a certain period of time is allotted for mission completion and you will try to finish the special operation achieving the best result. The quality of the Random Box with rewards depends on the number of acts passed. You will get the best box when you complete the special operation within a certain period of time.

The result is saved during the cycle, so you can continue attempts without risking anything. When the timer expires, you will receive a reward box.

Each box contains cards for crafting "Parasite" weapons coated with chitin and poisonous saliva of bloodthirsty arachnids. The series includes HArms CQR, Fostech Origin-12, Bushmaster BA50, Thompson M1928, XM556 Microgun, as well as the brand new SAI GRY LMG machine gun that will soon appear in the game.

Themed Achievements

Bite Immunity
Complete the "Swarm" operation without being killed.
Restore 5,000 health to your teammates in the "Swarm" operation.
Complete the "Swarm" operation by making the final blow to the boss 5 times.
Destroy 25 hives in the "Swarm" operation.
Kill It With Fire!
Eliminate 1,000 beetles with a flamethrower in the "Swarm" operation.
Lost Laptop
Activate 20 laptops in the "Swarm" operation.
Kamikaze Fighter
Destroy 50 kamikaze beetles in the "Swarm" operation.
Scrap Mechanic
Buy 50 upgrades for the vehicle in the "Swarm" operation.
Bug Proof Protection
Restore 5,000 armor to your teammates in the "Swarm" operation.
The Exterminator
Eliminate 1,000 Enemies in the "Swarm" operation.
Gold Digger
Open 100 resource chests in the "Swarm" operation.
Golden Scarabey
Eliminate 5,000 enemies with golden weapons in the "Swarm" operation.
Doomed Squad
Complete the "Swarm" operation with all classes.
Doomed SED
Complete the "Swarm" operation as a SED.
Doomed Sniper
Complete the "Swarm" operation as a sniper.
Doomed Medic
Complete the "Swarm" operation as a medic.
Doomed Rifleman
Complete the "Swarm" operation as a rifleman.
Doomed Engineer
Complete the "Swarm" operation as an engineer.
Insect Collector
Collect all the achievements in the "Swarm" operation.
The Night Stalker
Complete the "Swarm" operation 15 times.

Please note that the info indicated is preliminary and can be subject to change per general testing results.
See you in the Swarm!

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