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Soon in game: "Tunnel" map for Team Death Match

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One of the nearest updates will expand the Team Death Match map rotation with a new map featuring a themed setting based on the special operation "Swarm". On the new location, you can feel the atmosphere of gloomy tunnels that Blackwood transformed into a research base. Watch out: dangerous opponents can be right behind your back. The "Tunnels" are not as safe as they might seem ...


Warface and Blackwood will clash again. The winner will take control of a hideout where scientists used to conduct experiments on insects. The map is based on a bunker, which players can visit in the special operation "Swarm".


The location provides a highly intensive combat at close and long ranges. The Team Death Match kicks off inside the tunnel behind its gate. The defense team starts the battle in the dead end of a railway tunnel, while the attacking team begins the combat on the opposite side of the map, behind a truck.

Use flanks to eliminate danger posed by precise snipers. In the center of the "Tunnel", there is a massive truck that can become an excellent position for teammates' fire support. Do not forget to coordinate your actions: taking cover at this point will make you vulnerable from the side positions.

Winners and active players will be able to earn unique distinctions on this map.

You will be able to join the fight on the "Tunnel" map soon. Stay tuned!

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