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Update on the Brazilian Player Migration and Server Merge

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Dear players!

We have previously told you about the Brazilian Player Migration and Server Merge in this article. Today we would like to provide an update on these processes – we know that many of you have been looking forward to it.

First of all, in accordance with the position of our Brazilian partners on what would be best for the migration, we have shifted the process to the end of November – beginning of December. It will start on the side of the Brazilian publisher in the last few days of this month, while our server will embrace the new community members after the start of December. This way the process will be as smooth as possible for all parties involved. We will provide a separate article and guidance on the migration closer to this time.

Next, despite our willingness to begin the server merge this year, the encountered technical difficulties made us re-evaluate the time estimate in order to make sure we deliver the best service you deserve. Thus, we decided to move this process to the first quarter of 2021. This way we will not compromise the end result by rushing through. We sincerely hope for your understanding.

As for the special announcement – it has to do with the ability of a player to pick the sub-server in the Game Center. At the moment you can choose which sub-server (for example, Singapore) you want to play on. While it may seem like only a positive thing from the first glance, in reality it enables a shift in matchmaking that results in players with different levels of ping to be matched with each other. Sounds familiar, right? Obviously, the inability to pick the sub-server will not fix the matchmaking issues straight away, far from it. However, we find it as a plausible partial solution, albeit experimental, that will be further reinforced by the server merge in 2021.

Of course, at this point in reading you must be worried that the idea will backfire and you will be stuck playing on the most distant sub-servers with no ability to change that. However, there are two things to point out here.

  • First is that the system will automatically route you to the most efficient location for the comfortable gameplay. Only if there are not enough people queueing simultaneously with you on this sub-server, will a pop-up appear suggesting you expand the search to other dedicated servers. 
  • The second thing to note is that this is an experimental solution which we would like to enable before the server merge, so that we are fully prepared by that time.

This feature of picking the sub-server will be disabled later this year and we will announce that in a separate publication.

We will do our best to ensure all the mentioned processes go smoothly and comfortably for all our users, so that in the end you get the most positive experience possible. You can expect an article focusing on the mechanics of the migration at its start, while more info on the server merge will follow later on. Please stay tuned!


Sincerely Yours,

Warface Team

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