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Regarding “Mutiny” and plans for future Battle Passes

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In today’s publication we’d like to share with you the overall players’ reactions to the “Mutiny” Battle Pass and our plans for the development of future global operations that will be improved and fine-tuned according to our players’ feedback.


The first large-scale in-game Battle Pass “Mutiny” received more negative feedback in comparison with its previous web-based counterparts. We have thoroughly studied your reviews and comments to identify its weak spots and make the global operation more enjoyable. 

In the full-fledged in-game Battle Pass, players least liked the "daily tasks" system and the reward gain. The combination of a weekly mission + daily tasks has not fully lived up to the expectations either. There were frequent complaints that the challenges were too difficult or boring.

On the positive side, many players liked the rewards themselves especially the exclusive skins.

To sum up, the Battle Pass participants did not consider the rewards worthy of the effort spent to unlock them, while a number of difficult missions made the impression produced by "Mutiny" less satisfying.

Since the reactions to this fundamental Battle Pass mechanic were not positive, the previous global operations “Dark Samurai” and “Gorgon” still receive higher ratings.

What’s next?

Naturally, the feedback on “Mutiny” influenced our vision of future Battle Passes, and upcoming operations will be developed and polished taking into account this data. 

It stands to mention that elaboration of an in-game Battle Pass is quite a lengthy process. When "Mutiny" was launched, the next operation was already at the deep production stage. Therefore, we will not be able to completely rework it; otherwise, it will be released with a considerable delay. In the future, we will study your wishes and suggestions more carefully.

The following modifications will be realized in the future Battle Pass:

  • You will be able to gain more XP by completing daily tasks.
  • Upon finishing all missions of all types, full access holders will be able to gain more than 150% of progress, that is, one and a half times more than needed to get the maximum rewards. You can earn more than 100% of progress without the paid access. Thus, players will be able to more often select tasks they like and skip less enjoyable ones.
  • Some challenges will be simplified. We will remove missions that players consider inconvenient.
  • The cost of all rewards that can be obtained by a full access player will exceed 25,000 Kredits, while the number of temporary rewards will be reduced. 

We will tell you more about other changes later.

Thank you for sharing your opinions, and we hope that in the future your feedback will help us make the game even better.

See you in game!

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