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"Blitz" in Ranked Matches

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Dear players!
Some time ago we carried out an opinion survey regarding “Blitz” presence in Ranked Matches. The survey took place on our Social Media platforms. The results we received were mixed: half of the players wanted to keep this game mode in the Ranked Matches, while the other half wanted it removed.
In order to receive the most accurate feedback regarding this situation, we are going to remove “Blitz” from the next Ranked Matches season. Closer to the end of the new season we will launch another opinion survey in the Game Center for the RM participants. In case we receive the same mixed results, we will consider rotating RM seasons, while introducing “Hawkrock” and “Residence” maps every second season.
Please note that during the next RM season in order to complete any “Blitz”-related tasks in the Battle Pass or any other future events, you will have to play “Blitz” in Quick Play. 
Thank you for your understanding and see you in game!

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