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Winter Operation already in game!

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Winter has rightfully taken its reign: it decorated windows with exquisite rime patterns, coated the ground with fresh and blindingly white snow, forced people to wrap themselves in warm jackets, and cats to hide their noses in warm blankets. The main holiday of the year is approaching bringing festive mood, new hopes, the smell of Christmas trees and mandarines!

To mark the upcoming holidays, Warface has launched a free Winter Operation. On a special page, you will find themed rewards, holiday boxes, exciting quests and weapons from the brand new "Glacier" series. Get started and earn cool items. Access to the event is completely free!

Winter Operation

Operation details

The new operation is based on the finished "Dark Samurai". Access to it is absolutely free, but it is possible to purchase a special seasonal currency.

  • You can still choose rewards by purchasing crates with permanent and temporary prizes.
  • The task list changes once a day and rotates during several days.
  • The "Challenge of the day" remains and it grant you different types of currency.
  • The rewards include heaps of both regular and festive guns and skins, including weapons from the new "Glacier" series.
  • There is still a "Crate for wins" - it does not require currency, but you must fulfill certain conditions to open it.
Be sure to check out the full F.A.Q. on the new operation.

Glacier weapon series

In the next update, Warface will feature a new festive weapon series "Glacier" that is already available for operation participants. The guns boast original looks and a colourful frosty animation. Beware, the arms are ice-cold, do not forget to put on gloves!

Naturally, killing blows made with these weapons will grant you sleek achievements!

Currency gain

Like in "Dark Samurai", in the new global operation there are two types of currencies: the base and the premium one. You can get rewards just by playing!

  • The base currency gain is not only related to daily tasks. You will be able to receive it for battles - at least 10 points per match, provided that all conditions are met.
    Conditions of gaining the base currency 
    Mode Base  currency gain
    PvE "Training" missions No
    PvE missions on "Easy" and on higher difficulty levels No
    Any Special Operations Only if you win
    PvP private (custom) rooms No
    Ranked Matches Yes if: time in the match is greater than or equal to 3 minutes, at least 2 kills made.
    PvP in "Quick Play" in "Storm", "Team Deathmatch", "Destruction" and "Domination" Yes, if you kill at least 5 enemies or more.
    PvP in "Quick Play" in "Plant the Bomb", "Capture" and "Blitz" Yes if: time in the match is greater than or equal to 3 minutes, at least 2 kills made.
    "Free for All", "Bag and Tag" Yes, if you kill at least 10 enemies or more.
  • Instead of the base currency, daily task completion will yield cards for crafting, as well as various ammunition items.
  • By completing the Challenge of the day, you will earn both the base and the premium currencies.
  • The amount of the premium currency for battles is fixed - 1 point per match. Please note: to mark the occasion, special discounts on the premium currency will be active starting from the operation launch and throughout the weekend. 

By completing daily tasks, you will be able to get cards for crafting "Glacier" weapons. The guns themselves can be found in the corresponding crates for the base and the premium currencies!

All rewards

You are in for the weapon series "Glacier", "Winter Camo", "Radiance" and "Evil Santa", themed Christmas items, Arctic Squad camos and cards for crafting new arms. Some of these rewards are temporary while many of them are permanent!

You can find a complete list of rewards in the crate description. In some cases, items may repeat. Read more in F.A.Q. on the operation.
The rewards gained in the operation cannot be sold on the Marketplace.

Participation in the operation will not give you access to the Marketplace, if you did not have it before.

The event will be live until the end of the day on January 31, 2021.

Winter Operation

Let the Christmas fun begin!

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