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PvP maps rotation in Quick Play

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Some time ago we have introduced a long awaited feature - PvP map selection in Quick Play. Unfortunately, it led to splitting the search queue and thus increased the matchmaking time. Considering that we plan to disable the region selection in the Game Center in order to prevent people from joining a distant region (and thus making the gameplay less enjoyable for all those involved), we are concerned about this issue and aim to mitigate it ASAP.

To counter the problem we’ve investigated many options and one of them was the PvP maps rotation.

Recently we have carried out a survey on our Social Media to find out your opinion about this course of action and it turned out that most of you were supporting the idea. After thorough analysis of the in-game statistics and the survey results we’ve decided to introduce the following changes with the next server maintenance:

  • The most popular maps will remain in Quick Play on a permanent basis:

    • Plant the Bomb: all maps.

    • Team Death Match: Oil Depot, Hangar 2.0, Street Wars, Aul, Tunnel.

    • Blitz: Residence, Hawkrock.

    • Free For All: Widestreet, Motel, Yard 2.0, District 2.0.

    • Domination: Sirius.

    • Bag and Tag: Icebound, Exclusion Area.

    • Capture: Deposit, Construction.

    • Storm: Invasion, Highhill.

    • Destruction: Lighthouse, Towers.

  • The less popular maps will be rotated every week (see the table below);

  • All PvP maps existing in the game will remain available in the custom room;

  • As of now, we do not plan to add the rotation of the modes.

Here is an approximate rotation schedule of the less popular maps:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Capture: “Quarry”

Capture: “Vault”

Capture: “Breach”

Capture: ”Longway”

FFA: “Sanctuary”

FFA: “Train”

FFA: “Downtown”

FFA: “Forest”

Storm: “Blackgold 2.0” 

Storm: “Black Mamba”

Storm: “Wharf”

FFA: “Bunker”

Destruction: Hollywood

Blitz: “Platform”

B’n’T: “Mojave”

Storm: “Blackwood Base”

B’n’T: “Coliseum”

Domination: “Subzero”

TDM: “Phantom Zone”

Domination: “Armageddon”

TDM: “Dock”

TDM: “Farm”

TDM: “Farm Sunset”

TDM: “Motel”

TDM: “Sirius”

TDM: “Shuttle”

TDM: “D18”

TDM: “Crossing”

TDM: “Airbase”

TDM: “Downtown”


TDM: “Shuttle”

Please note that these lists are subject to change per general testing results and player feedback. The maps that were not mentioned above, including some seasonal ones, are likely to be introduced into the game on an event basis, being exempt from the schedule.

Let us know what you think of this map rotation and the selection present! We are looking forward to your feedback.

Join our Social Media and don’t forget to leave your feedback:

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