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Game Center Update

Categories: General
Dear players!
Following our strategy of improving the regional matchmaking, we are going to readjust the sub-server selection option for some players. In the near future some regions will remain hidden for a player depending on the ping value they have for each region.
Here’s a quick breakdown of how it will work:
  • If a player has the ping value of 60ms and less for at least one region, all other regions (having the value of 60+ ms) will be unavailable for them;
  • If a player’s ping is higher than 60ms for all regions in the list, the selection option will remain the same as it is now.
Please note that these values are preliminary and are subject to change per general testing results. We will be closely monitoring your feedback and our internal statistics to ensure the desired positive impact of these changes.
As we have mentioned before, we are also working on improving the server coverage area as well as readjusting our server structure. Stay tuned for more details!
See you in combat!

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