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Soon in game: PP-19-01 "Vityaz" and Karambit

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After the next update, Warface will feature two more new weapons: the PP-19-01 "Vityaz" and the Karambit with cool colourful camouflages. The submachine gun will appeal to everyone who appreciates comfortable controlled recoil, excellent rate and high range of fire, as well as superb damage and the ability to destroy enemies with one shot. The Karambit will get in the spotlight thanks to its unusual looks and high efficiency in close combat.

PP-19-01 "Vityaz"

A Russian-made submachine gun developed in 2004 by the Izhmash company. It was named after the special forces unit of the internal troops of Russia "Vityaz". The operation method is based on the use of blowback bolt recoil energy. It has no gas system, firing is conducted with a closed bolt employing 9×19 mm cartridges in the single-burst and automatic modes.

In the game, the new gun sports controlled recoil, excellent damage and good rate of fire. Moreover, it can be equipped with a unique silencer that does not reduce damage. In some respects, the PP-19-01 "Vityaz" outperforms the AMB-17, but its advantages are offset by a slightly reduced hip-fire accuracy, as well as a smaller magazine and ammo.

The golden version, apart from a luxurious look, will be able to boast an even higher rate of fire and increased magazine capacity.

The PP-19-01 "Vityaz" can be modified with 4 unique attachments: a 1.3x fast-zoom collimator sight, a grip, a suppressor and a silencer.

  • Collimator Docter Quicksight has a fast 1.3x zoom, and significantly reduces barrel sway.
  • RK-4 Grip reduces spread and recoil by 20%, and increases the speed of weapon change.
  • Suppressor DTK-2V reduces damage drop, increases penetration and slightly reduces scope shake.
  • Silencer T-94 makes shooting stealthier and does not reduce damage.


By landing killing blows with the new weapon, you'll get memorable distinctions.


It is a unique knife with a curved blade sharpened on the inside. In the game, the knife resembling a tiger's claw has a unique animation and offers excellent characteristics on par with the already familiar melee models.

The Karambit will be available in two versions - the golden and the regular ones. The former is distinguished by slightly improved specs that will come in handy in close combat. In addition, the Karambit can be equipped with several exclusive skins that you will be able to try out in combat very soon.


By landing killing blows with the new weapon, you'll get memorable distinctions.

Please note that the specs indicated are preliminary and can be subject to change per general testing results.

With such reliable friends at hand you will dread no enemies!

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