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Soon: game improvements and reworked pockets

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The December update will feature several nice in-game changes. Some of them are very awaited. Now we are going to share the details! Additional ammunition slots (pockets) will be improved, and there will appear the "Delete all" button in the notification box; in addition, a couple of minor but pleasant changes will arrive to the game. Hurry up to learn more!

Reworked pockets

The main change of the future update is the possibility to take two smoke grenades into battle instead of just one. The implementation is simple: now the player will be able to customize two support slots (the former "Smoke grenade" and "Flashbang grenade"). The total number of slots will not change and will remain the same, the customization possibility will be added only to the "Support" pockets. Thus, this will allow you to choose which set of additional grenades is more important in combat - a flashbang and a smoke grenade or two smoke grenades.

Additional visual changes have been made to the slot system. They do not affect the gameplay, but will allow you to better navigate the installation options for certain items.

We have conducted a survey among users on how many smoke grenades are needed in battle. The preferences were divided: the majority (almost 60% in total) voted for 2 items and only 39% for 4 smoke grenades. We consider the first option as the most probable for integration into the game. We would like to point out that an increase in smoke grenades to 4 pieces can negatively affect the overall performance of the game, especially for players with low-end PCs, so the option with two smoke grenades has been chosen.

We will be looking at testing results and will continue to collect feedback early next year. You will have time to play, evaluate the new gameplay, and share your impressions and suggestions.

"Delete all" button

A long-awaited and very necessary button will soon be activated in the notification box. Now you can forget about the routine manual deleting of notifications - pressing one button will quickly save you from unnecessary spam. Please note: notifications with a choice option (for example, clan invitations or friend requests) cannot be deleted using this button.

Updating Metrics

The server TickRate measurement units have been changed (from milliseconds to hertz). Previously, with a server value of 60 Hz, the client displayed 16.6 ms - these are correct and equivalent indicators. The value of 16.6 ms comes from the formula: 1000 ms / 60 Hz, it reflects information on the data exchange speed between the server and the game client. The user ultimately saw this value on his/her screen. It attracted attention and was interpreted ambiguously, so now the measurement units when switching to hertz will become more understandable and obvious for each player.

Be sure to leave feedback on the changes as soon as you try them out in the game - your feedback is important to us!

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