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Brazilian Player Migration has begun

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Dear players!

We are happy to announce that the Brazilian player migration from Level Up to our regional dedicated sub-server has finally begun. It will last till January 2022. Please follow the instructions on the special page to complete the migration process. You will find the extensive migration FAQ on that page as well.




Everybody who transfers their previous progress to our game launcher will get exclusive gifts - a full "Absolute" body armor set and several themed weapons for a chosen class - when they first log into the game. Check out the full list of gifts on the migration page

Absolute Rifleman Helmet

Absolute Medic Helmet

Absolute Engineer Helmet

Absolute Sniper Helmet

Absolute Vest

Absolute Gloves

Absolute Boots

Please note: some migrating players own items that either are not currently present on our servers or have vastly different unlocking conditions. We will monitor the presence of such items in the inventories of the players and will decide on how to proceed with them at a later date. You can expect a separate publication on this topic in the coming weeks.

If you are a migrating player and an owner of a permanent VIP booster, it will remain in your inventory only till the end of the migration process in January 2022. After that it will be replaced with a VIP booster for the duration of one year.

We hope that you find the migration process straightforward and stress-free. In case of any questions or troubles though, make sure to contact our support.

Welcome to the squad!


Sincerely yours,

Warface Team

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