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Warface FAQ #17

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Warface FAQ #17 is here. Get the answers to the most burning questions and don’t forget to check out our previous articles:

  • Why can’t we chat in Whisper or Clan Chat while being chat banned?
Unfortunately this is how it was created from the very beginning - there are no separate channels for public and private chats. The issue has been forwarded to the developers, and they are working on a solution.
  • Will you readjust the region switch pop-up timer?
We appreciate your feedback on the recent regional match making changes, and we see that it’s mixed: some people consider it as a real improvement, for others it increased the match making time. At the moment we are not going to readjust neither the Game Center ping limits, nor the regional matchmaking pop-up timeout as the migration of Brazilian players is still ahead, and we want to ensure a comfortable gameplay for everyone. We also expect that the NA and EU merge will improve matchmaking in the Asian region.
  • What will happen to the Marketplace and the online services on the website?
It’s still to be decided. Currently, we are adding some additional offers like “Swarm” Collectors Editions to provide the Marketplace with new items.
  • How can we see which community suggestions you’re working on?
You can see our future plans in the Roadmap which includes development of both community suggested features and a brand-new content.  
  • Do you have plans to nerf shields in PvE?
  • Why do you have to pay to change your nickname?
Name change is paid to prevent abusing or make the investigation of EULA violations easier (such cases as account trading, stealing, in-game cheating or scamming etc). Most games have it as a paid service (with an existing cooldown). 

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