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Happy Holidays!

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Dear players!

Winter celebrations continue. We have prepared lots of amazing activities to not let you get bored during the festivities. Enjoy increased rates, ongoing events, contests and giveaways on our social platforms. Happy holidays!

Increased Rewards

During the celebrations, your efforts in Warface will be rewarded even more. Till 10:00 CET (09:00 UTC) on 02.01.2021, you will be able to enjoy increased rates, meaning that you will get +100% to the gained XP, VP and WF$. Have fun, level up faster and don't forget to give your best wishes to fellow gamers in Warface!

Ongoing Activities

Winter Operation

The operation is based on the finished "Dark Samurai". Access to it is absolutely free, but it is possible to purchase a special seasonal currency. The event will be live until the end of the day on January 31, 2021. Hurry up to collect all the rewards in the expiring year! Details.

Winter Operation

Xmas Challenge Tree

By completing personal tasks daily, you will contribute to the overall progress. As the general progress advances, the Christmas tree will get gradually decorated, and you will be able to receive permanent festive camouflages! All players who completed at least one personal mission will receive a stage reward. Moreover, other themed prizes will be granted to you for completing each personal task. The event will last till 09:00 UTC (10:00 CET) on the 11th of JanuaryDetails.

Take part

Ranked Matches 2.0: Christmas Season

The Christmas Season will last till 08:30 UTC (09:30 CET) on the 20th of  January. You will fight on the maps of "Plant the bomb" game mode and Blitz except for "Platform". SEDs are excluded from the Ranked. Upon reaching the 16th league, you can earn a cute themed weapon charm. Ducks are nice little Easter eggs in the game. By mounting this accessory on a gun, you will receive +100 to the holiday mood and +100 to luck in battles. Moreover, as you advance between the leagues, you will gain boxes for crafting arms of the "Glacier" and "Snow Leopard" series. Don't miss the chance to replenish your arsenal with new themed and most powerful weapon models! Details.


Our Social Media

Fragmovie Contest

Our traditional Christmas fragmovie contest is taking place on all platforms. Create a fragmovie, post it in the #contest channel on our official Discord server and get a chance to lay your hands on a shop weapon of choice! Details.

More Festive Content and Activities

Festive giveaways will take place on our official Discord server. You are most welcome to join in the fun. Stay tuned to receive cool items from our battle-hardened Santa. 

We hope you'll enjoy your time in the game. Happy holidays!


Warface Team

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