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Server maintenance 20/01/2021 - Change Log

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EU and NA servers are back up. Here is what’s changed after the restart:

  • PVP maps rotation:

Maps removed

Maps added

Capture: “Vault”

Capture: “Breach”

FFA: “Train”

FFA: “Downtown”

Storm: “Black Mamba”

Storm: “Wharf”

Blitz: “Platform”

B’n’T: “Mojave”

Domination: “Subzero”

TDM: “Phantom Zone”

TDM: “Farm”

TDM: “Farm Sunset”

TDM: “Shuttle”

TDM: “D18”

TDM: “Downtown”

  • NA server: the pop-up that allows you to search for matches in all regions will now appear after a shorter period of time. We’re closely monitoring the situation and will do our best to decrease the matchmaking time. Thank you for your patience.

See you in game!

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